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About JayBird 3

Name: Joanna
Originally from: Montana
Currently from: Southern California
I studied: way too many things!
I am: a wife, dog mom, serial re-locator, wine enthusiast, water lover, blogger and dysfunction magnet
I love:  my family, Montana, Anthropologie, baking, reading, coffee, wine, projects, animals, traveling, taking baths, celebrity gossip.

His name: Ramesh - or Rams
We met: the first week of college
We married: December 30, 2006
We are: determined to defy the stereo type of getting married young means you won't stay married long.
We: look forward to many years of challenges, fun and adventures.

Names: Roscoe and Grizzly Bear
Breed: Puggle and Mastiff
Nicknames: Grizzle, Roscoe-nater, Gizz, Bear Bear, Ross, Dumb Dumb, Jackass, Love Bugs
Loves: food, laying outside in the sun, food, playing with empty toilet paper rolls, looking out the window, food, belly rubs, food.


  1. Hey girl! I just got your comment on my blog but I couldn't respond because your email isn't linked to your blogger. You can change that in your settings if you want :) And I'm totally jealous of your after lunch plans today haha!!

    1. Erin - I totally followed through on those lunch plans by the way :) Two days in a row!

  2. I love that you say you want to defy the stereotype about getting married young! I was 22 last year when we got married, and there are SO many naysayers that come out of the woodwork to say that we're "crazy" or that "we're too young, just wait a while." And that's truly upsetting! Love your blog and am so glad we've gotten to know each other :)


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