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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Not So Perfect Wedding 3

Wedding season is approaching!  I am mildly obsessed with all things relating to weddings.  My DVR is set to record all episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress", "Four Weddings", David Tutera's wedding shows...and whatever else I see related to the subject!

I think I love them because I live vicariously through those who seem to have the perfect day planned out.  They have touching ceremonies and perfect receptions.  The dress they choose is the best for them and incredibly glamorous.  All of these brides and grooms get flawless weddings to remember for a lifetime.

Allow me to rewind 7 years and talk about our big day.
While I wouldn't change the groom (obviously), the family and friends that were able to share our day, the church we were married in, my dress and much more...I would definitely like a re-do. 

There are a 3 major things that happened that put a little hitch in our day.

- Disaster Number 1:  The -

      The first thing we did after getting engaged was book our reception venue.  I grew up in Billings, Montana and that is where we decided to get married.  There are places to hold receptions/events, but not hundreds.  In order to get your favorite venue you have to book far in advance. We booked our reception at a place downtown that is beautiful. The reception area is near the top floor so it over looks downtown and the rest of the city.  Quite a pretty sight during the holidays. All of my thoughts were coming together.!
And then we got a call that they double booked the reception room.  We were the ones that got the kicked to the curb (unless we wanted to share the space with the other wedding going on). 
Umm, no thank you.   
So what did we do? 
I had only one choice with 2 months notice. 
The only place available was the one location that I said that I would NEVER have my wedding reception. 

-Disaster Number 2:  The No-Show Groomsmen -

      Yep, you read that correctly.  One of Ram's groomsmen failed to show up for our big day.  All of his groomsmen were coming to Montana from different states.  We made sure they had their flights and/or ways of transportation arranged to get to Montana. 
Everything was going according to plans and schedules. 
That is until we called the no-show groomsmen to make sure he was on the road.  This was about 4 days before the wedding. He was just packing the car for the drive.
The next day we called to see how the drive was.  They were just heading out of town (Minneapolis, MN). 
The next day we answer. 
We called answer. 
Finally the day before the wedding came and still the no-show groomsmen had not been heard from of seen. 
The wedding days hits and still no groomsmen.  
To this day we have little contact with this person and never heard the reason for his disappearance or an apology for not coming to our wedding.  
Seven years later it still pisses me off when I think about it!

-Disaster Number 3: The Deceased Florist -

     We were working with a florist in the original hotel that the reception was to be held in.  We loved working with her and had all of our reception and ceremony arrangements set to go. The day before the rehearsal we called to make sure that everything was scheduled and ready for the big day.  We left a few messages but she failed to call us back. 
The day of the rehearsal came and we still hadn't heard from the florist. 
Finally during the rehearsal dinner we got a call saying that she had passed away a few days earlier. 
Yes, she passed away! 
The person on the phone said something to the effect of "we will do our best to accommodate your wedding tomorrow".
They did do their best, but it wasn't anywhere close to what we had originally planned. 

While our day was no where near perfect the outcome was still amazing.  I was able to marry my husband, spend time with friends and family and have some great stories to go along with it.

There you have it, the story of my wonderful and not so perfect wedding!


  1. Oh my! They always say things happen in three's....but for all that to happen for your wedding! You are right though, at the end of the day, as long as you ended up married then it was perfect! Besides, you were a beautiful bride :)

  2. Goodness, I cannot believe the groomsman just disappeared like that! How rude! At least you were beautiful!!!

  3. Oh my gosh... I don't want to laugh but this is just insane! haha! I'd be SO pissed at the groomsmen that didn't show up... what an asshat!


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