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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fair and Birthday Fun 3

The weekend is over unfortunately and it is back to reality. 

Rams is still gone so I had another amazing friend, Kristina, come to the house for a night and keep me company.  We decided to be adventurous and headed to the LA County fair.

There was all types of fried foods - I even took the smallest bite imaginable of a frog leg, and lots of exhibits.  This fair is not even comparable to the Minnesota State fair, but it was a fun and different night than the usual Saturday night on the couch.

Before the night was over Kristina and I overcame our fear of the Ferris Wheel.  We were quite proud of one another!

It is also one of my favorite peoples Birthday today...Stephanie!  She is pretty awesome and one of the best friends I've made while in this blogging land.  Happy Birthday Love - hope you have a fantastic day!



  1. Eek! thank you!!! I love you!

  2. I used to love the Ferris Wheel. Now? Nope. Not for Nadine. I am pretty sure I would have a panic attack!! It looks like you had fun though!

  3. Oh man, kudos to you and going on the ferris wheel. I'm petrified of them. Perhaps we should go together sometime.


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