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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week(end) recap 2

Here is a week(end) update for all of you wonderful people out in the blog reading world.

Last week was pretty crazy.  My husband was packing for his 2 week work trip overseas...I was in the midst of a job change(which didn't happen) and life got a bit crazy.

Here is my recap in picture form because it is SO much better in pictures than written!

1. My sister knew what my week was consisting of so she sent me some edible arrangements and this amazing card.  Couldn't make it though the thing without crying!
2.  Nervous/unsure face!
3.  First gel manicure ever.  I made Rams get a pedicure before heading overseas so I went along to get my hands done as well.
4.  Got the approval from my boss for next years Sri Lanka trip! Wahoo!

5. While Rams is gone one of my besties Nicole and her son are staying with me.  He is a busy boy so we had to do some creative thinking to keep him contained.
6.  Dog and baby begging for some food...adorable!
7.  I got Nicole hooked on PLL. 
8. It was a tiring weekend!
Until next time...


  1. You are gorgeous.
    love your nail polish!
    your pup is precious!
    and PLL is stupidly addictive.

    I want to hate it because it's like "WHO IS THIS A AND WHY IS IT TAKING US FOREVER TO FIGURE IT OUT?!!"

  2. I wish I was a part of your weekend! I can't wait to get money to come visit!

    love youuu!


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