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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pure Ridiculousness 3

I LOVE junk catalogs.  I like to look through all of the crap that I'll never need, or all of the things I think I can't live without.

One catalog that shall remain nameless takes the cake.  Every page I flipped to I busted out laughing and had to run to the other room to show Rams.  So I thought I'd share with you some of the most ridiculous things I've seen in the world of junk mail catalogs.


We all wonder why America is getting larger and larger right?  Because of the Car Swivel Tray.  Yep, now we don't have an excuse not to eat crap in your car because of the can set it on a tray!  Lord help us. WAHOO.

The man looking so excited about getting his hair cut is not the only incredible thing about this product!  Who hasn't thought about how to keep all the hair your cutting off the there is no more "tedious sweeping or vacuuming".  The inventor of this gem totally read my mind!  Do you think it comes in pink leopard print?!

First of all, if this VHS storage case comes with all these movies, I must have it.  Secondly, who really needs a VHS storage case anyway?  While I will admit I have some VHS tapes somewhere in my house, a box works just fine as a place to store them all.  But if you want to spend $5.98 or $17.96 then go for it!

Finally we've got the Corn Silk Remover.  While this looks a little ridiculous it may work.  If it works I would spend the $6.98.  I'd rather give it a shot than pick the strands out of my teeth after eating the delicious corn! 


  1. I mean...this stuff is all amazing! I want it all! haha

  2. If only I could make some of my ideas into actual products...I would be rolling in the doll hairs like these geniuses!


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