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Thursday, February 28, 2013

SeaWorld - here I come! 10

Everyone that knows me is aware that I have no clue, at the age of 28, what I want to do with my life.  Well, I take that back; I do know what I want to do, it is just very unrealistic at this point in my life.

When I was in the 2nd grade, in Montana, a SeaWorld education group came to my elementary school and gave a presentation.  I vividly remember where I sat in the school gym, what I was wearing and what the presenters looked like. 

 From that day forward I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! I was going to train dolphins and killer whales at SeaWorld. 

photo source

Between this day and my freshman year of college I discovered what I had a talent for, music.  So 10 years later I still have the goal of working with marine mammals at SeaWorld in FL....while majoring in Music in Minnesota.

I hadn't even made it though freshman orientation when I decided music wasn't my "calling"....maybe Elementary Education was. 
So before the first day of my college career I had already changed my major!

Next I decided that I hated MN, so I transferred back to Montana to start my sophomore year of college.  Once back in Montana I still had my SeaWorld dream front and center, but changed my major once again back to music!

photo source

This same year I decided to get on the SeaWorld website for shits and giggles and found an internship that I qualified for!  So...I applied, crossed my fingers and basically prayed to anything that would listen that I would get the internship!  

Four months later I was one of the people chosen out of over 5000 applicants!  Fate right?  I was finally headed to SeaWorld for a summer internship!

I loved that summer more than I can explain!  I got to swim with the animals, educate the guests, work on some rehabilitation projects, play with kids in the Florida keys....and work at SeaWorld....finally!   The only negative was after this once in a  lifetime experience,  I discovered that I could never survive on a  trainers salary - I didn't really want to live with a roommate forever and only eat Cup-a-Noodles!  

Hi-Ho, hi-ho it's back to college I go!

Once back at school, I continued with music....until I got engaged and moved back to Minnesota of all places!  

So in my crazy mind I thought this was the perfect opportunity to change my schooling once again and find something where I could work with animals.  I found veterinary technology.....and ta da, finally finished  and graduated in something!

So I worked in a vet clinic for 3 years, then went on to manage at a collections firm....moved to California and am now working at a non-profit by day and a skin care company at night from home.

I still dream and desire to go back to SeaWorld and train all the animals. 

 But for now I will continually change what I do every few years until I find out what I really won't to be!  

  I am up for suggestions for my next career adventure, I'm open to anything!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry BABIES 9 I am linking up with Staci, Sara, Kaitlyn and Katelyn  for 

"Sorry I'm not Sorry".

I have one BIG issue that I have to talk about related to this link up...sorry I'm not sorry that I may not want kids, babies, crumb grubbers, kiddos, munchkins!!

Rams and I have been married for 6 years.  I am 28, he is 29 and we have started getting the kid question.  Family asks frequently "when are you making babies", friends, coworkers and even random strangers!  I'm never quite sure how to answer this question, because honestly...I have no clue!

I was never the girl who always wanted kids.  I hear a lot of my friends say "all I ever wanted was to get married and have a family".  Not me.  I wanted to get married, but the kids part was never a solid part of that dream!

Don't get me wrong, I really like kids!  I LOVE my nieces and nephew more than I can explain!  If I could spend all my time being the best Aunt ever, I would!

my loves!
Rams and Baby A

...but I've never had that I MUST REPRODUCE feeling.  

Rams  sits at 1% wanting kids and 99% hell no!

We both get a lot of crap regarding this issue. I have gotten comments like:

"You are wrong for not wanting kids, I can't believe you"
"You will regret it if you never have babies"
"What is wrong with you"
"You must be really selfish, who doesn't want a family"

I am never quite sure how to respond.

We definitely have not ruled anything out.  We just aren't at the point in our lives where it is a priority.  

So here are my thoughts - right or wrong:

1.)  We are selfish right now; we enjoy having money to spend on ourselves.  We like to travel, go to nice dinners, buy nice things.  We are honestly not willing to give that lifestyle up yet.

2.)  I don't want to work if we have babies.  My mom stayed home with my sisters and me, and that is how I want to raise my children!

3.)  We don't have family anywhere near us, and I really want to be close to family when and if we start a family.

4.) I feel incredibly inadequate when all my friends are having babies and we are not.  I almost feel left out...I know what is a strange way to feel, but that is the best way to describe it.

5.)  I would really like to know what our Sri Lankan + Polish babies would look like.

6.)  I don't want to miss out on that bond that mothers and children have.  I want to experience that feeling!

7.)  I do not want to ever regret my decision.

8.)  We are not going to consider babies until we are 100% ready and willing to give everything possible to them!

This is how I feel.  It may change tomorrow or 2 years from now but it is a personal choice that I don't think I should EVER be judged on.  

I would love to hear what all the readers think about this topic...please comment away!

In conclusion, sorry, but I'm really not sorry for living my own life!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fancy Pants and First Things First 5

Is it Tuesday already...said no one EVER!

I really want to talk about the Bachelor last night, but I haven't watched it yet!
Last night I had the privilege of going to a fancy pants dinner with my husband and a coworker of his (which is why I haven't watched Sean Lowe yet).  We went to a place in Beverly Hills and it was fantastic. I Had a few too many glasses of wine, a few too many bites of Tuna and got home WAY too late.  I thoroughly enjoy reaping the benefits of my hubby's success!

 Here are a few pictures from last night.

that's me in my fancy pants - really - they are fancy - I mean, they are red!

Ramdog's coworker
This morning I am functioning very slowly due to last nights adventures, so if any of this seems like gibberish just go with it!

Today I am teaming up with Halie for our "firsts"

First breakfast of choice:

I honestly never eat breakfast!  Logically I know it is the most important meal of the day, but my head still says "Joanna, you don't need those extra calories in the morning"!  If I did eat breakfast I would eat toast, or cereal, cookies, or a giant bowl of fruit salad.  

First beverage of choice:

Geez, this one is tough!  If I say wine I feel like ya'll would think I am a lush.  Let us be honest, when it comes to wine I label myself a lush!  If I don't have the option of drinking my favorite grapes I will go for coffee, diet coke, tea or my latest obsession club soda with fresh lime!  Good gosh, now I want wine!


First dessert of choice:

Frozen yogurt!  I love this deliciously smooth, frozen concoction of the ice cream Gods!  Here is SoCal there are fro-yo shops on every corner.  It is dangerous!  I suppose there could be worse things like wine bars on every corner...then I would be the drunk crazy lady with Fro-Yo in one hand a a bottle of Merlot in the 
Thanks for reading my version of "First Things First"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap 8

It's Monday once again and the cycle of the work week continues!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Here is mine in a brief nutshell.

From the top left - 

  • Made some DELICIOUS Chocolate chip cookies - Katie at Married with Pups has an amazing recipe!
  • Me kissing the said cookies
  • Out to dinner with my hubby after he was gone for a whole week working
  • Drunk men at the above dinner - they were gross!
  • My pizza at dinner
  • Dim Sum time on Saturday afternoon
  • Hubby
  • Me after stuffing ourselves with lunch
  • My own version of the "Mani-Cam" at the Oscars!

Today I linked up with Sami, please click over and see what she was up to!

  Hope you all had some sort of Shenanigans this past weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fab 5 7

Happy Friday everyone!

I have teamed up with my friend Lindsey over at Life on Countryside to bring you all a new link party and blog hop!  Make sure you go check her Friday's Fab 5 post as well!

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Here are my Friday's Fab 5!

1.)  Beaujolais wine! My cousin-ish person has her degree in Oenology (the study of wine).  She spent a lot of time in France, Spain and other countries making and learning about wine.  She introduced me to this a few years ago.  She said it is a non-expensive and great tasting wine.  Ever since then, this has been my absolute favorite.  Not too dry, not too sweet, not too bold...basically it is pretty perfect!  My favorite vintage so far is anything older than 2008!

2.)  Dior Lip Glow:  This stuff is the bees knees!  I HATE lipstick, dislike lip balmsand I'm not a fan of lip gloss.  This stuff is goes on nude and uses it's amazing brain to figure out the color of our lips and enhance that color in 3 minutes!  It is hydrating, goes on really easily and doesn't take like junk!  

photo source

3.)  Mio Liquid Water Enhancer:  I hate strongly dislike drinking water!  The only time I drink water is when I am forced to because there is no coffee, tea or wine left for me to drink.  However, in my quest for being a bit more healthy I decided to drink more water.  This stuff helps!  All you do it squirt some into your water and you have a deliciously flavored drink for your enjoyment!

photo source

4.)  The Bachelor: I will admit to anyone that I love any type of reality show!  This week I'm loving The Bachelor.  I can't wait for next weeks episodes!

photo source
5.)  My Love bugs, Grizzly Bear and Roscoe:   My hubby travels quite often with his amazing job, so I get to fend for myself a lot with my pups!  They take Ram's place when he is gone - they sleep with me, cuddle, give me kisses, wait for me to feed them...everything my hubby does!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My life working in the Ghetto 5

I work in the ghetto - not gun shots and drive by ghetto - but ghetto!  This is not an exaggeration, let me assure you.  I don't tell people where I work because if I did they would look at me like I'm a crazy person.  

I work on Holt and Garey.  My office building is unmarked and locked due to the nature of our work.  My office building is next to a pay by the hour motel.  My office building is located on a street known for its 'ladies of the night'!

Here are just a few of the things experienced while working on Holt and Garey:

  • A homeless man named Ruben used to sweep our sidewalk for leftover food. 
  •  I have a friendly relationship with 2 of the prosititues and 1 of the homeless men that are in front of our door every morning.  They often ask me for money or booze while telling me about their nights.  
  • A pimp used to park his van in our parking lot with his ladies making some money in the back seat.  
  • I can't tell you number of times I've been walking to the doors and have seen someone peeing on our windows...they just smile at me when I notice and go about their business.
  • We have someone living in the bushes next to our building.  You never know what smell, food items, or containers will be waiting there when you walk by.
  •  I've walked across the street a few times to get something to drink and have witnessed illicit drug use
  •  Almost weekly there is some sort of gang or drug problem within a few blocks of us. This means the news and police helicopters circle constantly and there are sirens of the cops driving by every few minutes!

Welcome to my life working in the ghetto!

While writing this entire blog I kept singing to myself "In the Ghetto"  if you do this, it may make it more exciting!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pre-planned adventures of Elle and JayBird 3

 I found out this weekend that one one my good friends, and fellow blogger, Lindsey is coming to visit me in April!  

Meet Lindsey aka ELLE

This will be the second friend that had ventured to SoCal since Rams and I moved down here!  I am so excited I decided to plan out our adventures is our itinerary!

Day 1: 
 First thing first, drive back to our place drop off luggage and take some super classy mimosa jello shots to start the weekend off right! 

picture source

 Yep, that it how we roll in this house!  

Stop number one will be Hollywood of course! We'll fall into the tourist trap known as Hollywood and Vine where we will see all the stars, foot prints and more!  
We have to find good ole' MJ's star, kneel down next to it and take thousands of dorky pictures.

photo source

After we have had our fill of the craziness known as 'the walk of fame' we will head over to Villa Blanca for some lunch!  

photo source
Yes, we are going to fall into the RHOBH tourist trap and hopefully see Lisa Vanderpump!  And don't you worry...we will be channeling the Paps and have our cameras ready for that prime shot!

Day 2
 Beach day!  I will take Lindsey to the beach of her choice for some California sun....maybe we will even play some Katy Perry, California Girls, while driving there!   
I personally LOVE Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach - so I will attempt to sway her vote that way.

photo source
photo source

For those of you who don't know, the SoCal beaches are are long and wide and quite beautiful.  The only downside is that the water if FREEZING, so I doubt there will be much swimming for us!

Day 3: 
 Rodeo Drive!  We will walk Rodeo Drive like we own the place, when in all reality we may be able to own about $30.00 of the place...which is the price of parking anywhere near the shops!  We will check out all the fancy pants stores, take pictures with the Bugatti that never moves, and hopefully see some celebrities out spending there hard earned cash!   

photo source
photo source

After spending our retirement money on Rodeo we will head for some more celebrity hunting at "The Ivy" doesn't look like anything exciting and I'm pretty sure it isn't, but this is where the stars go to be seen!

photo source

Day 4:
  Hike at Runyon Canyon and the Hollywood Sign.  Runyon  Runyon is very much a trendy LA hiking area. It is always crowded with runners, walkers, and tons of dogs, this place is THE place to be seen in your hiking shoes.  I've never ventured here, so hopefully it will be worth the drive!
photo source

So there you have it - this is what will go down when we take on Los Angeles!  Is it April yet?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Things First 1

Good morning!

I am linking up today with the "First things First" party.  I love these type of getting to know you questions, and since I am so new to the blogging world I thought this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this blog land get together.  So here we go....

First thing I do at the gym:

Well - if I went to the gym on a regular basis  ever this would be so much easier to answer. When I do workout, I do it at home, usually on a treadmill or join in the p90x videos with the husband!  Based on this I usually stretch, jump up and down, look like an idiot and hate every part of it!

First Date with my Significant Other:

My husband and I dated for 2 years before we had our official first the pressure was on for him to make it a memorable one.  Our first date was in NYC!  I was a music major at the time, so he planned our night after music; we went to the New York Philharmonic!  He had the whole night was planned out. We would get on the Ferry and go into Manhattan,   then have dinner at a nice asian restaurant, go to the concert and  finish the night off with a drink at a fancy pants NYC bar. didn't work out that way.  

We did get on the Ferry and made it to Manhattan...but we took the wrong train to get to the restaurant.   After the wrong train incident we thought we would be smart and get a cab to drive us there.  With our BAD luck, we got one of the only Cabbies in NYC that had NO CLUE where anything was.  He dropped us of about 10 blocks from where we were supposed to be eating in 10 minutes.   So we start booking it towards the restaurant when it begins pouring down rain.  

I am not exaggerating...this was the kind of rain where you get soaked in a matter of seconds.  I was in my nice black strapless dress and heals, he was in a suit and we both looked like wet messes.  

We didn't make it to the restaurant, so we decided to just head to the MET so we didn't miss the concert.  We walked into the MET wet and probably stinky to all the nicely dressed "cultured" folks that were waiting to be seated.  We went to the "cafe" in the lobby stood up and split a turkey sandwich and some chips for our romantic dinner.

After the concert on our first date.

At least we made the concert and it was unforgettable - wet, cold and uncomfortable ..but unforgettable!  

First email address:

I am pretty sure I had an AOL address based on my first dog Sortie...but I don't remember.  The first address I do recall was - not creative or not exciting, but it got the job done!  I wish I could get back into that account and see the emails I sent out at 12 years old.  I'm sure they would be mind blowing and full of all the wisdom in the world!

I linked up today with Halie over at Penguins, Pasta and Polk a Dots.  She just got engaged so go give her some congratulations and love!