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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So What! 6

Hi All!

3.5 more sleeps until I am driving to LAX with the Husband and heading home to Montana for Christmas.  I am so excited I could squeal, which I have.  I have also informed my boss of my work countdown hours.  Right now I have 21 more hours to work!

Today I'm joining Shannon for "so what" Wednesday!

So What...
  • If I am planning on drinking wine and eating pizza tonight.  While the husband is away I will eat and drink!
  • If I can't seem to blog every single is my prerogative!
  • That I didn't make a single batch of my family's famous Carmel corn.  It is time consuming and I have other things that I want to drink wine and eat pizza
  • If I have over 11 Hallmark Channel Christmas movies on my DVR.  They make me happy!
  • That I clean something in my house every night after work.  It may be super OCD of me, but at least I've got a clean house
  • That I wear a pony tail every other day.  It is SO much easier!
  • That all of my besties live far least I've got them!

Life After I Dew

Stay tuned for tomorrow all.  I've got a big post planned about a new documentary that came out that I have SO many things to say about.  The wine ( see above ) will hopefully help my anger fueled typing fingers.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lowering My Stress Level 6

It has been a rough past 7 days for this gal.  
There has been no blogging (which is normally my outlet), little cleaning (again another thing I do when I am stressed), little cooking...pretty much I've gotten home from work every day and sulked.

Because of this I decided to do a post on what helps me get my mind off of stress and makes me happy.  Today I definitely need a reminder of some of the things that I love!

1.) My husband.  I kinda like him and when he is around he makes me smile!

2.) My FamDamily.  I love them, just looking at this picture makes me feel better.

3.) Friends.  When the Husband is away and the family live no where near me I have these gals to keep me company via the phone or in person.

4.) Photography:  While I may not be a pro I am learning.  While learning I've grown to love it.  It gets my mind off of life and allows me to be creative while captruing things I love. These are a few of my favorites!

5.) Christmas.  Tomorrow I am going to dive into my obsession love of Christmas.  Just hearing Christmas music, seeing Christmas trees or lights makes me so happy!

What helps you after a stressful day?  What makes you happy?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

People of Facebook. 6

It's been awhile since my latest "People of Facebook" post.  To be quite honest not much has grabbed my attention.  Until the last few weeks...

    These people are not my friends and names have been changed.  These people are acquaintances that I am friends with on Facebook.  These statements, or lack there of, should not reflect on the type of person I am...enjoy!


"Well I drank 63 red bulls in a week n a half n now there's none at work! Fml I want sum!"

In response to the above statement: "i used to drink it like that! i fricken looove redbull...and i never died lol...i use to drink like 5-7 10oz a day and then strawberi redulls all fkn nite for like 3 yrs straight n im still here muahahaha lol but for real tho when i quit drink redbull and alcohol i lost so much weight!! but people like u dont have that problem lmao"
(I had to retype that because the format didn't work. That was so hard to type as written. Lord help us!)

"Had Sooo much fun last night! No drama n me n my partner in crime(Nicole ) made it home safe n sound! Always a blast if Arnold Palmer puts it together!! Thanks a MILLI! ....Everything smells like liquor and nail polish! Haha! Ehhhh"
(How is this possible without loosing some brain cells?)

"So figured out my stalker! This new kid at work stole from me (long story). I called him on it and jus knew cuz I kn read people like a cosmopolitan magazine!! So he has already admitted he thinks I'm hott. THEN I catch him thievin! Gotta TRY and not look as dumb as u are after ALLA that huh??!? Geeze idi-ota!"
(Read people like a Cosmo?  This isn't saying much idi-ota!)

"Who tha F? There's flowers on my car, newports, blue red bull gum n candy. I should b like oh yay. But I'm like ok who tha F  is stalkin me? ?#CREEPY
(Oh how sweet, cigarettes as a love gift!)

"Jus wanna throw this out there... had a friend who did tha dirty dirty to a good friend. Broke many girl codes and she got ANOTHER chance.... she blew it BIG TIME. My question is, how can u be a liar, sneaky Dickens, HORRIBLE friend, then act OBLIVIOUS when we won't hit u up??? Damn u a fool!"
(Never break this gal's girl code!)

There you have it.  Now go out into the world feeling a whole lot better about yourself!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The J. Family Visit! 3

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!  

I've been busy entertaining my mother-in-law and brother-in-law since last is what we did!

One: Rams and his Mom carved up the turkey
Two: my looker of a husband
Three: Grizzly and Roscoe supervised the cooking process and made sure none of the food was poisoned by stealing a few bites here and there.
Four: The finished project.

Five: On Sunday we headed down to San Diego to have breakfast and go visit the USS Midway.  This is the family in front of one of the old planes.
Six: The ship is HUGE
Seven: Do I really need to caption this?
Eight: My brother-in-law 

Nine: Family Picture
Ten: Sunset behind the helicopters
Eleven: So neat
Twelve: Final family picture of the trip

That is what has been happening at JayBird's Home Base!  Hope your was fantastic as well!