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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cleaning Woes! 5

I started a Pinterest project type thing this week.  It isn't as much of a projects as it is a way of staying up to date calendar.

I hate cleaning.  This is a bad thing because I have a largish house, two shedding dogs, and live in California.  This means dust and dirt from the smog, hair everywhere and it is all over this darn place.
We've been in this house for a year now and I still haven't found the best way to keep the place clean.  Until now, I've been cleaning all day one day a week.  By the end of that day I'm tired, and hate the world and the house..  

I found this lovely schedule on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

So far so good.  Let's get real though, it is only Wednesday and I still have the rest of the week ahead of me.  I've been trying to keep to this as much as it applies to our house.  It has made it seem like cleaning this place is a bit more do-able and as of yet I don't hate the world!

Oh yes...and I bought this stuff yesterday as well.  It has already changed my life.  Go out and buy this immediately, you won't regret spending $3.69!

Enough about cleaning...happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stalking my Past 5

I am a stalker...the FB, instagram type.  

I realized last night that I use social media to:
a.) keep track of my family and current friends 
b.) to see what all the people from my past [high school] are doing, or not doing, with themselves.

I was not one of those people who loved or enjoyed high school   I in fact almost hated it.  I wasn't popular nor was I unpopular.  I would, for better terms, say I coasted through the social status.  I had a few really close friends, some of whom I still would consider my best friends,a lot of acquaintances, and a lot of people whom I never spoke to.  

I was always curious about the popular people.  
I never really knew what made them climb the social ladder.  Most of them weren't above average on the looks, brains, or talent scale - but they still were the coolest people at school.

This brings me to the present.  I use FB and Instagram to stalk see what these aforementioned people are doing with their lives.  

I find it thoroughly entertaining to see what they turned out to be.  

Some are super successful, living all around the world and having the time of their lives.
Some are still in my hometown, dating/married to their high school sweethearts and starting families.
Some are just as they were before - nice, snotty, smart, just plain dumb or somewhere in the middle.
Some are absolute train wrecks.
Some have changed and turned into some pretty amazing people.

I don't know what it is that makes me enjoy this so much.  Maybe I feel a little bit of pleasure when I see that we - the coasters - are a bit more successful, a bit prettier, a bit more anything than them.  I know it isn't the most flattering picture I'm painting of myself, but it is the truth...sometimes the truth isn't the most attractive!

I don't think I'm abnormal with these stalker-like I?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday 0

Oh...hey there Friday...took you long enough to get here this week!

I'm liking up today for my Five on Friday so I can share with you what I'm digging!

1.) Random Snail Mail - I got a card in the mail from one of my blogging and real life BFF's.  It was such a surprise to get this in the mail and certainty made my week.  Thanks for thinking of my Stephanie and Walter!

2.)  Cranberry Red Bull - This stuff tastes fantastic and give me the little tartness to the mornings when I need it most.  Red Bull should really watch out though, because this stuff is delicious and addicting - not a good combo!

3.)  This Cardigan from the archival collection at Anthro.  I'm obsessed with it and think I may need to fork over the $$ to make it mine!

4.)  RF Sunscreen:  We now have a pool and all my skin is constantly being exposed to the sun.  This stuff smells good, works, and keeps me protected!

5.)  Sleep - yesterday I swear I was functioning at about 12% of my normal self.  I got home at 6:00 from work, had some cereal and was in bed and sleeping by 8:30!  Lord knows I needed that!!

Until Monday - have a fantastic weekend!



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Earthquakes 4

Earthquakes...let me talk to you about this subject. 

When I began telling people we were moving to CA I heard the same response out of 99% of people.  They would all talk about the traffic and the earthquakes.  I would roll my eyes and agree with them, and continue to say I won't have snow and tornados.

Now that I've lived here for a few years I've had a new fear arise in my life.  Earthquakes.  I am now deathly afraid of these suckers.

I had never felt an earthquake before moving to this lovely state, and now I've felt at least 5.  The first earthquake was pretty memorable for me...

It was a Saturday morning.  I was braless, in my pjs, no makeup, hair a rat's nest. If you've read my blog you know that I am fairly large chested and if I don't have an over the shoulder boulder holder on it is a disaster.. 
     Now on with the story.
I had gotten up and was on the couch cuddling with the dogs, watching TV.  All of a sudden I felt my boobs jiggling and heard a really loud noise - almost like a gigantic truck was in my garage.  Next it was all over - no more jiggling and no more noise.  I sat there for a few minutes and said to the dogs "I think that was an earthquake".  If not for my braless self I wouldn't have even known what happened.

After that experience I wasn't concerned, I actually thought earthquakes were pretty fun.  That is until I felt my second one.

The second one happened at work.  I worked in the ghetto in a super old building that if a pebble dropped on the roof the whole building would shake.
It was mid morning and all of a sudden there was a huge rumbling noise and then everything started shaking.  It lasted for about 5 seconds and that is all it took to traumatized me.  It wasn't a big quake, a 4.2, and that was enough to turn these things into my biggest fear.

Californians don't help with this problem of mine:

-The news posts on FB if an earthquake, no matter what magnitude, happens to alert everyone.  Next thing you know there are hundreds of comments about how "the big one is coming", "this is just the beginning"...blah blah blah.  Of course, being myself, I read these comments and start having a major panic attack.

-If it is cloudy and humid the entire state starts saying "it's earthquake weather"!

-If there is no other things to report in this town the news will all of a sudden begin to have stories about how overdue we are for a large earthquake

-Every year there is one day that everyone in the state is supposed to practice earthquake safety called "The Great Shake Out" - imagine a whole day dedicated to this crap!!

Now I am pretty sure I have PTSD. 
Every time I hear a rumble of some sort I panic. 
If the dogs start randomly barking, I think they are sensing my upcoming doom. 
If I feel any sort of vibration (like a truck driving by) I feel like I should drop to the ground and assume the position to protect myself.  Frankly, it is a bit ridiculous, but I can't help it.

There you have it, a look into my biggest fear.  What is yours?  Is it as ridiculous as mine?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Inspiration 3

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm flowing suit today with the blogging community, linking up with Helene, and talking about what inspires me. 

There are many things including my family, music, quotes, stories that inspire me...but I want to tell you about the main person who does.  He inspires me so much, that he deserves to be the one person/thing on this post.

My Husband -

I've watched him over the last 11 years achieve more than he thought possible himself. 
He came to the US as a international student and didn't know a single person.
He worked numerous full time jobs throughout college, graduated with two majors, was offered a job before he walked across the stage and has exceed all goals he set for himself. 

He works harder than anyone I know (next to my Dad) to achieve all of his goals and dreams. 

People call from across the country trying to recruit him.  People want him to speak at conferences around the is amazing. 

He inspires me to work hard every day and set goals that I don't think I can obtain because he knows I can with a bit of hard work.    He never has told me "NO" when I talk about what I wish for myself - he always helps me find a way to accomplish those wishes.   He inspires me to be a better person, not only for myself, but for him and for our families.  He pushes me, drives me, encourages me, supports me and inspires me!

He is living the "American Dream" and that alone is one gigantic inspiration! 

He amazes me everyday!  

 (Sorry about the brag session, but I had to in order to get my point across).

Helene in Between

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Night's News 1

Alright folks...this is going to be a quick post, but a post non-the-less.  

There are a two things I found out last night that have me super excited about the upcoming year.  Here are some of them...

1.) My BFF since we were babies (really babies) is preggers for the second time.  Yesterday she found out that she will be popping out TWINS in September!  TWINS...she can't believe it, I can't believe it, actually no one really believes it.  I am so happy for her and the adventure that will be 3 kiddos!  It still seems like we should be playing dress up in the basement...not having children!

My sister, Julie, is officially coming to Sri Lanka with us next year!  She is a traveler for sure and if you don't believe me check out this post.  She will join Rams and I am a few others for 2 weeks of island touring, eating, drinking and exploring.  I can't wait!

There you have it, the news that is not allowing me to think of much else!  So happy and excited for what it coming!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish this... 2

Today I'm linking up with Jake and Holly for "Finish the Sentence"! 
I love this idea.  One because these are so fun and two because it lets my wee little brain take a break from topics for the blog!

Let's get to it!

If I had one extra hour in the day... Sleep or read.  Most likely sleep because that is one of my favorite past times!

I wish my name... this is hard because I used to hate my name.  I used to wish my parents would have named me Janna because I thought Joanna sounded so old and harsh.  Now I kind of love my name.  BUT, if I had to change it, I would go with Sutton.  Don't judge because I got this name from "The Lying Games" on ABC Family.  I've kind of been obsessed with it from the beginning of the show!  My one worry is that people would call me "Slutton". 

I think anything chevron is... meh, I don't have really have an opinion on this.  I don't own anything chevron, but I'm not opposed to it at all.  Therefore I am definitely indifferent!

My last nightmare... was that my favorite store decided to close up shop.  Really...I
dreamed that Anthropologie just closed it's doors because they could.  HORRIFIC!!

Sometimes...I wish I could hang out with my family.  Actually this is more like ALL THE TIME.  I miss them everyday all day!

My last meal on earth would be... Summer Shandy, nachos with fake cheese, and rhubarb crisp (not all at the same time - that would be gross).

I would much rather... be at home sitting by the pool with a Shandy instead of working.  That was an easy one! 

Mayonnaise... all I think of is someone I worked with at SeaWorld who called it "White Death".  I still love the stuff, but that is my immediate thought.  Appetizing right?!

10 years ago, I didn't think... that I would be living in California!  I hate this state...

Selfishly... I would like to spend oodles of money on getting my hair done.  I don't do it nearly enough because I feel guilty if I do.  In my perfect world I would go to the salon every month!

My favorite show on TV right now... Pretty Little Liars.  I am obsessed with this show!  It is drama, romance, suspense, mystery all in one!! 

And, George Zimmerman... I will keep my opinions to myself, I'm sure they will only piss people


Cheers everyone!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet the Family 1

I was brainstorming last night of something to post about today and I thought of my family. If you haven't already noticed, my family means the whole wide world to me!  
They have influenced my life in ways I can't explain, so I thought I would give you an idea of who they are. is a little mini-bio of each of the amazing people whom I am lucky enough to call FAMILY!  Today I will talk about my side of the family.

First is my amazing husband Ramesh.  We have known one another since our freshman year of college and each year keeps getting better. He is from Sri Lanka, works in the medical field, plays Cricket, loves to travel, is a foodie and is pretty damn awesome! Along with those things he is smart (almost sickening), dependable, caring, funny, and I am so proud to have him as my husband!

I LOVE this photo of him, he may disagree...but it's not his blog!

My Mom, Gail, is next.  She has been a home-bound teacher since I was a baby - this is basically going to the homes of children who cannot go to traditional school for various reasons.  She is humble, honest, incredibly caring, giving...and so many other things.  I sit here and stare at my screen because I don't really know how to describe her in a way that does her any sort of justice.  She is the person I inspire to be everyday and I am so glad to call her my Mom and my best friend!

My Mom at our cabin last Christmas

My dad, Tim.  Dad is an accountant and is "semi-retired" as he likes to say...but really...he is basically retired!  YEAH FOR YOU DAD!  He has worked harder than anyone I know to get to where he is.  He is a philanthropist, brilliant, quite, loving, thoughtful.  Like my mom, it is hard to describe the kind of man he is. He has taught me what it means to contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way, he has taught me undying love.  In the words of our father-daughter dance songs "You are my hero and that will never change - You still can dry my tears with just a smile - The one I've leaned on -From my first steps to walking down the aisle"

This photo is from our Sri Lanka trip.  We were on a safari and this is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad!

Andrea - my eldest (and prettiest some may say) sister.  Andrea has always been the sister that is unreachable to me.  She is 7 years older than I am and has always been the "big sister".  I still remember her first dance she went to in high school because I wanted to be her and wear her dress.  I remember the story I wrote about her in elementary school...I remember a lot of things about growing up with the oldest sister...she was almost the elusive character in my childhood that I always wanted to be like.  Now she is teacher, a mom, a wife, a friend. I am proud of her and am so happy to have her in my life as a friend, and sister.

Andrea and her daughter, Tatum, this summer at our parent's cabin

Julie - the middle child.  Julie has always been the quite and adventurous one of the bunch.  She excels in everything she does and makes it look easy!  Julie is a Veterinarian and has lived her adult life like most of us only get dream about.  She recently got back from 8 months overseas.  She went from New Zealand, to the Cook Islands, to France, to Denmark and finally made it back home!  She loving, dependable, funny, intelligent, trustworthy, and just plain fantastic! Also, we are kind of twins...or so we hear!

Julie hiking in New Zealand

There you have it, my side of the family!  I love them with everything in my being and am so happy to get to introduce them all to you!  Welcome to our family!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bozeman - Police Reports 6

Let me share something with you.  I went to college in  Bozeman, Montana and I miss it!  This is one of my favorite places in Montana and has some of the best police reports out there. 

Imagine a town full of over 20,000 college students - lots of them under the influence of something - deciding what they need to call the police about.  They even have enough material that they compiled a book.


Here are just a few of my favorite reports.  These are all pulled from 

-A woman of rural Manhattan reported that two pairs of blue jeans and several pairs of underwear were stolen off her clothesline. In addition, someone entered her house and ate part of a meatloaf stored in her refrigerator."

-A patrol car collided with an animal this morning on Amsterdam Road. The suspect was listed as “Doe, a deer, a female deer."

-A mother on South 23rd Avenue wanted her daughter cited for returning home late

-A caller was concerned about a sheep directly behind his Godfrey Way home that hadn’t been sheered in a long time.

-An elderly woman wanted to know what to do about someone taking seven pennies from her walker.

-People were reportedly singing around a campfire somewhere, but the caller couldn’t specify exactly where.

-Complaint that “a person who looks like Dracula” was frolicking on playground equipment at Irving School. Due to the unusual nature of the call, three officers responded with garlic cloves, wooden stakes and crosses, the report said. The “vampire” turned out to be a woman in a long shawl.


Now, can you see why I miss this place...freakin' fantastic - and beautiful!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunny Weekend Update 6

Happy Monday!  Before I start the daily grind I will link up with Sami and update you all on a bit of my 'adventures' from this weekend!

Rams and I stayed home most of the weekend except for running errands and going out to dinner!
I don't have many pictures, but here are the ones I do have to sum up the last few days.

Roscoe found a spot on Friday.  He has decided the dam wall between the pool and spa is the perfect spot for him to relax!

I took advantage of the day by sitting in the pool, soaking up some vitamin d, and reading my slutty romance novels!

We went to dinner Saturday night!  There is a place about 20 min from us in a little college town that we love!  Haven't been there in quite awhile so we ate and drank to out hearts content!

At dinner!  I actually dryed my hair and put on a dress!  I felt pretty fancy pants!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and hopefully will have an even better week!


Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Letters 1

Letters...I've got letter...lets have some letters this Friday morning!  So today I'm linking up with Ashley to write to these important people/things in my life!


Dear Blog:  I did it...5 days in a row!  Lets keep this momentum going and keep truckin' along!  Dear Stephy, Mom and Rams:  thanks for listening to me bawl my eyes out yesterday.  I would like to say that it helped...well a little.  Thanks for being there for me!  
Dear Pool:  I love you and I hate you.  If it weren't for you I could quit my day job and if it weren't for you I would not be having such amazing weekends!  Dear Rams:  thanks for taking me out on a date this weekend...I need one!   Dear Mom and Dad:  thanks for the advice and attributes you have given me.  I don't think I could do it without you both!   
Dear Tyler, Tatum and Aubrey: you are the best nieces and nephews ever.  I LOVE talking to you and seeing all of you silly pictures and videos you send me.  I miss you and love you to pieces!  Dear Nashville:  why aren't you back yet?  Do I really have to wait until this fall to see you again?! Dear Grizzly Bear:  the fireworks are long gone now, can you please go to being a normal dog?  I would greatly appreciate you not sleeping on my feet.  Dear Nicole: thank you for making my life at work 100 times better!  If not for you I would be miserable!   Dear Instagram: I thoroughly enjoy your new video feature...actually I can't get enough of it!  Dear Weekend:  Are you here yet?!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reveal of a Super Secret Recipe! 1

Who likes Rum?
        Not me!

Who likes Cake?  
        Not me!

Who loves Rum Cake?!  

Before I can share this recipe with you I have to tell you the story behind this piece of heaven.

Meet Mama Jude.

Mama is on the left and Mom (my actual Mom) is on the right
Judy, or more affectionately known as "Mama Jude", isn't a step-mom, sister wife or anything like that...she is my mom's BFF and has lived up the street from me my whole life. 

She is my second mom, Mama Jude.

Every year for my Dad's birthday Mama makes him a Rum Cake.

This year when I had to entertain some business associates of Ram's I decided to make this cake.  I needed to call Mama, but I was afraid she wouldn't give me her super secret recipe.  
Turns out, it isn't so is the recipe on the Bacardi website.

Non-the-less I will share it with you all because it is simply AMAZING!

Here is what you need:

  • A Bundt pan
  • Pam flour cooking spray
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1 box of yellow cake mix - I use Duncan Hines
  • 1 large package of instant vanilla pudding
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cold water
  • 1/3 vegetalbe oil
  • 1/2 cup Bacardi dark rum


  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup rum

Now here is what you do:

     1.)  Spray your Bundt pan with Pam
    2.)  Sprinkle your cup of walnuts in the bottom of the Bundt Cake pan.  Heat your oven to 325 degrees.


     3.)  Mix the cake mix, pudding, eggs, cold water, oil and rum together until smooth

     4.)  Bake for 1 hour

Now this is where Mama does things a bit differently.

About 5 minutes before your cake is done do the following -
    - melt your butter (microwave or stove - I prefer microwaving).  
    - add the water, sugar and rum.  
Mix up and put in the microwave again for about 5 minutes.  Or enough time that the mix boils a bit and the sugar dissolves. 

Pull the cake out of the oven and almost immediately prick a bunch of fork holes into the cake
(this will be the bottom of the cake to it doesn't have to be pretty).  

Once the holes are done slowly pour the glaze over the cake while it is still in the pan.  It seems like a lot, but trust will be ok.

Wait about 10 minutes and flip that lovely piece of food over!

There you have it - super easy and super delicious.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The best of "As Seen on TV" 4

I turned on the television this weekend and the first thing that came on was an infomercial for a new hair styling tool called "The Air Curler". 

I got sucked into watching this junk for about 20 minutes...not really believing what I was seeing, but interested none-the-less.  There are so many "As Seen on TV" products that are so tempting.  Tempting because they actually interest me, or tempting because they are just completely bizarre!

First is "The Air Curler". Yes, the picture is that actual product.  Basically a bucket that you hook to your hair drier and it magically swirls your hair into the perfect curls!  I mean really, who wouldn't be tempted to buy this thing?  It this is all it takes for my hair to curl that I'll by 1000 of them - and why the heck didn't I think of this?


Next is the bra strap holder thing.  For a girl, like myself, who has a large chest and can't wear certain bras - this looks like the miracle product for me.  My one concern it how to put the thing on.  I don't know about you, but I'm not quadruple jointed enough to even begin to hook this up - it is hard enough fastening my bra!


On to the "Pedi Pistol". This would be perfect for those who aren't flexible enough to bend your leg...or just to lazy! However, it worries me that this is basically a power tool for your feet.    I can just imagine filling your toenails and all of a sudden there is a hole in the wall next to you...imagine explaining that to your husband.  "Oh honey it was no big deal, I was just using the power tool on my feet and I lost control".  I'm sure he'd find you super sexy at that point!


Now we have the "Flowbee" Can you guess what it is?  I bet not!  Well all you have to do it attach this device to your vacuum, put it on your head and it cuts your hair!  Abracadabra - you just got your hair did!  I'll give $20.00 to someone willing to try this!


Finally we have this gem of a product.  Spray on hair.  OK Jerome Russell, you have me sold.  I'm ordering this stuff today and I'm sure it will look completely natural!  Don't judge me when I post pictures of myself and look like a beauty school drop out styled my locks!


Ahhh infomercials...thanks for keeping me entertained!