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Friday, June 14, 2013

Feeling Good 3

Happy Friday lovelies!  Today I'm going to link up with Beth over at Clothes and Cocktails for "Feel Good Friday"!

Here is what I've been feeling good about this week:

The pool completion is within reach!  The cement truck just got here, and water should be in the thing by next Thursday...this mean swimming commences on FRIDAY!  Finally!  We can again have a house that isn't coated in dirt, we can finally leave the dogs outside again, and we can finally enjoy our blended beverages out in our backyard!  WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I'm also feeling pretty darn good about my boss.  The last two weeks he has been unusually chipper and it is wonderful!

I love my texting relationship with Nadine and Stephanie.  It pretty much makes my day when we banter back and forth.  I adore them!                            

PLL started back up this week!  I'm so happy to have my 4 favorite adults highschool kids back on TV!  

AND it is Friday - who doesn't love that?

Have a good weekend all.  Until next time...


  1. I would do just about anything to have a pool right now. So jealous!

  2. ohhhh I got a shout out!!! I feel special!! :) :)

  3. Can I have that pool in my backyard please?? I die! I would totally pin that to Pinterest :)
    Thank you for linking up with us! :) have a great weekend!


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