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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pedicures and Pools 3

Joanna = crappy blogger the past two weeks!  I know this and I apologize.  I promise I will try to improve!

The last few days have been exciting because - ta daaaa - my sister is FINALLY back from New Zealand and all of her world traveling!  She has been gone 8 months and flew back to the USA on Tuesday night!

She arrived Tuesday night at around 7, and left Thursday morning at 10.  We didn't have much time, but my boss let me take Wednesday afternoon off, so here is a bit of what we did.

 First we went and got a pedicure.  It had been awhile for the both of us, so we treated ourselves, drank some water and told stories.  It was fantastic!

please don't mind my ultra was hot!

After pedicures it was dinner time at our favorite Thai place!  Julie is a Vegan and this place had amazing options for her...and she loved it!

For good measure  here are a couple of the pictures I took of the pool progress this week..

Have a great weekend all, and hopefully I'll be back next week to my usual schedule!


  1. I loveee the stones around the pool..that is going to look so nice!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hurry up and finish my pool! It is starting to look amazing. Get back to regular blogging, I can't stalk properly!

  3. Your pedicure adventure reminded me that I desperately need a pedicure myself!

    and your pool is gorgeous! I'm totally jealous and can't wait to see it when it's done.


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