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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My time to Rant! 1

I was at work yesterday when a few things popped into my mind that drive me crazy!  I am not talking about enough to get to me, but enough to make myself count to 10 and take a few deep breaths!  This got me thinking about the things that drive me nuts about people on a daily basis.  Allow me to indulge you all for a few.

First of all, I absolutely hate when people are late.  If you tell someone a time you will meet them, or be is a genius idea...BE THERE!  A lot of Ram's friends constantly run late so we have gotten in the habit of of telling them to to meet us 30 minutes ahead of the actual time.  Around our house it is known as "Sri Lankan Time".  Most of the time we will ask each other, 7:00 our time or 7:00 Sri Lankan time?  But really, if you way you'll meet at a certain time, that means we will be there then...not 45 minutes later!

Along the same lines is people that aren't reliable in relation to standing one up.  If we make a plan, please do not ditch me or cancel on me last minute.  We most likely have made plans for a reason, so be a good person and hold your end of the date up!  If you don't want to see me,  don't make a date!  I tend to get my hopes and excitement up in a big way so I'm an disappointed very easily, especially in this type of situation!

Next are those people who think they are the bees knees for one reason or another.  I am sure there are things you are far better at than I am and I will gladly admit that...but come on...I have some skills of my own as well! Don't come up to me and say "I don't think you will get this, but I guess you can try."  You know what I say to that?  Shove that attitude up your rear and do it yourself!

Finally are the people who are as fake as those lips on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I know we all have to be a little fake every once in awhile, but not daily!  If you genuinely like me or someone else, be nice and be yourself.  Don't pretend!  Most of the time I will be able to tell when you are using me out of convenience or your own weird/deceitful plan, not because you enjoy the time we spend together.  I promise, if you are real with me, I will return the favor!

Whew, there you have it.  I'm of my high horse now and on to the next important issue!  Until tomorrow all...

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  1. The lateness and not showing up makes me mad, too. Some people seem to think that 7:00 means getting ready at 7:15 and maybe arriving around 7:45. Ugh.

    And I agree...if someone is so great at something, or they think they know everything about it, why are they even asking you to do it?


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