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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Butterball 2

LA Traffic.

There isn't much else to say about my commute to and from work or to and from anywhere else in this area we call Los Angeles.  I've learned that to make it bearable you must listen to something on the radio/ipod/cassette player that makes you happy and that helps the time go by.

While driving home from work last night a "song" came on the radio and a pretty chime sounded in my head. I thought I MUST introduce you all to my favorite morning radio show (other than non-stop Christmas music) that I love and can't go a day without listening to.

Meet The Dave Ryan Show.

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This is a show based out of Minneapolis that I would listen to every morning when I lived there.  Now that I'm not in Minneapolis I still listen to them on iHeartradio.

I started to love their witty humor, fighting and randomness that happens on their show daily. While some of the bits are a little bit pointless, I still love listening to them every morning.  I get my gossip, drama, laughs, eye rolling stupidity all in the same place!

If any of you are fans of radio morning shows, you should definitely check this out.  I promise - or almost promise - that you won't regret it.

Here is the song that made my head chimes chime.  To the tune of "Wrecking Ball" here is "Butterball".

Hope this puts you all in the Thanksgiving mood...


  1. I find that listening to Christmas music in the mornings makes me much happier. I just sing loudly for all to hear like Buddy the Elf told me to do. And if someone really makes you angry, you can sing fa lalalala la la f you! It helps.

  2. I usually listen to the Phillips and Co. show on Y98 here in STL. It's a local show. But, sometimes I just put on my iPhone and listen to my own music and skip the talking all together. Today I listened to Christmas music. :)


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