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Thursday, November 21, 2013

You're My Person! 4

In the last few years I haven't had a girlfriend that I feel like I could tell just about anything to.  I probably haven't had this type of relationship since college. 
I always feel like something is lacking in my life when I don't have that bond with someone (other than the husband of course)

Enter into the story this blog of mine...
Thank goodness for this thing.

I finally have met two people in this blog world/real world that are absolutely amazing. 

It was hard for me at first to admit that I was having this type of friendship with people I have never met in real life before.  But who the heck cares? 

 If it is is right!

Let me introduce you to the one of these amazing girls who I like to call my bestie...Stephanie!

We talk about everything and anything.  I send her pictures of my fingernails to see if they are ok...we text all day every day and I value her friendship so much!
If only we didn't live on opposite ends of the country...I think if she lived in the same state we would probably be sister wives.

I love her to death and thank this crazy blog world for bringing us to each other!

Stay tuned for Nadine in a few weeks - she's the other one I love!

Have any of you met your besties through blogging?!


  1. You ARE my person!!!!!xoxoxoxox

  2. Those are the BEST relationships! I actually did just meet an absolutely amazing girl this past year through blogging, too! Thankfully she lives in the area!

  3. Can I just say how happy I am you are back in the blogging world?! A piece of me was missing and it made me so sad! I am SO THANKFUL that through blogging I found you!

  4. i have made some amazing connections through my blog; the blogosphere is filled with amazing people who are so supportive and just plain awesome!!

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