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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Story of my Scar 4

Lately a lot of people have asked me about a scar on the left side of my face.

I never think about this scar because I've lived with is for 25 years of my life.

Here is the story.

In October of 1988 my preschool went on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins.

I remember picking out my pumpkin with my Mom and other classmates and wheeling them in a wagon to the barn to weigh them.  We were in the barn when I saw a German Shepard outside laying in the yard.  
Even at 4 years old I was a an animal of course I asked my Mom is I could go pet it.
The owner of the pumpkin patch said the dog was nice and it was used to being pet.
I went to pet it with a few other classmates.

I knelt down in the grass near the dogs head.  
From my memory I went down to kiss the dog.  
From other's memories I was just petting him.

All of a sudden I was bit in the face.

I don't remember much after this but seeing green blood on my pink jacket.  I swear that I saw green blood.  Now I know this isn't possible.  I remember getting into the backseat of a car with my mom.

After this I don't remember much, so it is a good thing I have pictures.

This picture was not to soon after arriving at the hospital.  I think this was after my reconstructive/plastic surgery.  The dog was about 0.5mm from blinding me on my left side.

It took 112 stitches to put me back together.

This is the day I left the hospital.  I vividly remember asking my parents to bring my favorite red polka-dot dress for me to wear home.

The stitches were finally removed.

Now I have a scar to remind me of that day.  

I'm not afraid of dogs at all.  My mom said the same day I got out of the hospital I walked up to a strangers dog and immediately starting petting it.  I definitely didn't learn my lesson.

There is the story of the scar on my face.  Some people say I should see about plastic surgery to help reduce it, others have said I need to try a cream. I don't want to, this is part of me now.  

I can't imagine my face without it.


  1. That's so scary!! But I'm glad it didn't impact how you feel about dogs.

  2. Goodness that's scary! I got bit in the face (though not NEARLY as bad as you) by a dog we owned when I was younger. Needless to say, my mom got rid of the dog...and I was mad at her for it! haha.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your love for dogs out weighed your fears I see!

    My grandpa's Chihuahua bit my nose once when I was little. I deserved it. Their cats always let me put barrettes and bows in their hair, I wanted to do the same to Jose. He didn't much care for that. Apparently it was where he drew the line. I had spent the day pushing him around in my baby stroller with my dolls and putting a hat on his head. Apparently he had enough.

  4. How scary!! It's good that you still love dogs though.


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