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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Night's News 1

Alright folks...this is going to be a quick post, but a post non-the-less.  

There are a two things I found out last night that have me super excited about the upcoming year.  Here are some of them...

1.) My BFF since we were babies (really babies) is preggers for the second time.  Yesterday she found out that she will be popping out TWINS in September!  TWINS...she can't believe it, I can't believe it, actually no one really believes it.  I am so happy for her and the adventure that will be 3 kiddos!  It still seems like we should be playing dress up in the basement...not having children!

My sister, Julie, is officially coming to Sri Lanka with us next year!  She is a traveler for sure and if you don't believe me check out this post.  She will join Rams and I am a few others for 2 weeks of island touring, eating, drinking and exploring.  I can't wait!

There you have it, the news that is not allowing me to think of much else!  So happy and excited for what it coming!

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