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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Inspiration 3

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm flowing suit today with the blogging community, linking up with Helene, and talking about what inspires me. 

There are many things including my family, music, quotes, stories that inspire me...but I want to tell you about the main person who does.  He inspires me so much, that he deserves to be the one person/thing on this post.

My Husband -

I've watched him over the last 11 years achieve more than he thought possible himself. 
He came to the US as a international student and didn't know a single person.
He worked numerous full time jobs throughout college, graduated with two majors, was offered a job before he walked across the stage and has exceed all goals he set for himself. 

He works harder than anyone I know (next to my Dad) to achieve all of his goals and dreams. 

People call from across the country trying to recruit him.  People want him to speak at conferences around the is amazing. 

He inspires me to work hard every day and set goals that I don't think I can obtain because he knows I can with a bit of hard work.    He never has told me "NO" when I talk about what I wish for myself - he always helps me find a way to accomplish those wishes.   He inspires me to be a better person, not only for myself, but for him and for our families.  He pushes me, drives me, encourages me, supports me and inspires me!

He is living the "American Dream" and that alone is one gigantic inspiration! 

He amazes me everyday!  

 (Sorry about the brag session, but I had to in order to get my point across).

Helene in Between


  1. awwww this is wonderful!!!!!!!

  2. Ok I love this. Some bloggers get mushy but this isn't like that, this is being proud of him. As you should be!!

  3. How sweet :) I am so glad that he is so supportive of you, that is the key to happiness right there! That and Puggles.


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