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Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm BACK 3

I'm BACK!  I don't want to say that on the record quite yet...I will say that after a week of consistent blogging!  At that point it will be official.

I took a break for a few reasons.

1.)  I was completely consumed for the the last few months with out backyard project.  It seemed like every night we had to do one thing or another for the contractors.

2.)  Now that the pool is completely done, inspections have been passed - all I have been doing with my spare time is using it!  Why wouldn't I be spending all of my spare minutes there?  But really, every weekend and night after work that is what we have been doing.  If you don't believe me, you should check out my amazing tan!

3.)  When I first started this blogging venture I was able to write most of my posts while working.  My old job allowed me to use the Internets freely as long as my work was complete.  It usually was, so I had a lit of time to write.  Now that I have a new job, that isn't happening.  I have way too much to do, and we can't be on the internet or our no more blogging at work.

4.)  I've been lazy and have had no clue what to write about.  My mind is not coming up with good topics and it is a bit frustrating.

So, now my goal is to get back to all of you wonderful people.  I can't promise my blogs will be amazing, but there will be something...I think...

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Glad your back! You sound like one busy lady! Sometimes a break is needed!

  2. Real life comes first! Soak up that sun! :)

  3. Yayyyyy. can't wait to read more stuff from you! :) xoxox


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