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Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm B-A-A-C-K! 2

It has been 242 days since I last posted in blog land. 

I've received a lot of "miss you", "when are you writing again?" messages and have decided to try to get back into my little space of the interwebs.

A lot has gone on in the last 240 some odd days and I'm getting ready to start updating you all.  Let me brief you on what the next few weeks will bring...
  • My wonderful, stong, fighter of a Mom survived a rare infection.  It was the scariest month of my life!
  • My husband, sister, cousin and in-laws took a long trip to Sri Lanka
  • I turned the big 3-0
  • Went to Vegas to see Brittney Spears
  • Lost some weight
  • Work stuff...but unfortunately can't blog about that.
Stay tuned.  I may not be posting daily, but I will try my best to work up to that!

Thanks for sticking with me everyone!


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