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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Common Courtesy Reminders 5

This post is all about those big box store, with everything you need in bulk with tons of free samples...well one in particular.

This place is by version of a little bit of heaven and a lot a bit of hell!  Lately I've found myself avoiding this place, especially on the weekends, like it is the plague.  If I can convince Rams to go on his own I am one happy camper!  While this extreme hatred for this store was brewing I started to come up with some rules and regulations that would make the shopping experience much more tolerable.

1.)  There should be no more than 3 people in your party.  There is no need to bring yourself, your husband, you 4 kids, a few friends of the kids and you niece.  If you bring more than three there is no way  to keep track of what your things children are doing.  Most likely they will be in the bakery section breaking into some muffins!  Keep you group number low.

2.)  People need to follow the normal flow of traffic.  There needs to be lines (or imaginary one for those of us who can pretend) that split the isles.  Nobody needs to be swerving about in the rows, just keep to your side and it will be so much more efficient.

This is how I feel the days we go to this place of torture!
3.) Along the lines of rule number 2, do not stop in the middle of the row....ever!  Do not be one of those people who abruptly decides to come to a halt making everyone behind you dash out of the way in order not to run someone over!  Also, do not leave your cart unattended in the middle of the row.  It is called Common Courtesy people, and common courtesy would tell you to move to the side, get yourself and your cart out of the way!

4.) I know, we all love's a free meal that most people will not turn down.  This does not mean that you can be a vacuum and suck up every sample on the tray while cutting people off, running in front of moving carts and skipping the line.  Wait like a normal/well mannered person, take one sample at a time and say "Thank You".  We are not at the animal behavior needed.

5.)  While walking the isles please either keep a moderate pace going, or move to the side.  Walking at a snails pace will slow the flow of everyone and this will just create more problems.  If you need to walk slowly, use the outer box, or just simple walk to the left or right of the isle.

If we could all please share these rules, especially to the big store that I shop, that would be fantastic...actually it would save my sanity!  Please and thank you!


  1. Whaaaa? You mean to tell me that I am NOT the only one shopping in the store? That I should mind my manners? Say whaaa?!

  2. Hahahah I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, I hate stores because people are soooooo ridiculous in them.

  3. I agree with every single one of these! They can apply to regular retail stores as well. All of these behaviors are especially bad in small towns/cities in the South. People think that being rude, loud, inconsiderate, and obnoxious is just the "Southern way".

  4. these need to be published on the how not to be an asshole manual

  5. I think this should be posted out front of every store!


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