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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekend Fun - a little late! 3

Hello all, I've been MIA for a bit and now I'm back!  This last week has been busy, crazy and full of the yucky sickness.  

So I'm going to update you on what Rams and I did over the past few days with pictures:

We went into Santa Monica on Saturday to attend a Sri Lankan festival that happens once a year.  There is normally a bunch of food, booths and a parade.  Like last year there was a film crew recording a bunch of items to later show on television in Sri Lanka...kind a neat!

Rams thoroughly enjoyed eating some delicious Sri Lankan grub!

A few more pictures from walking around the Promenade in Santa Monica. 

And...finally on the way home...I had to get a selfie :)


  1. This looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  2. Sounds fun!! I love trying different foods at festivals like that!

  3. I was wondering where you were! Glad you had fun.


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