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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

People of my Facebook 5

It's been awhile since I have done a "People of Facebook" post, but lately I've had some inspirational status updates!

    These people are not my friends.  These people are acquaintances that I am friends with on Facebook.  These statements, or lack there of, should not reflect on the type of person I am...enjoy!

"Pull up @ corner of wal mart n see a bum bout my age. He tries noddin to my music ( Im guessin he thought it would make me donate to L.A.M. lazy ass muthafu**as) so I yelled get a job. He then stands up as if ready to fight a girl! Lol guess thas how u act when u LITERALLY got nothin to lose!"

"Wtf is wrong w not all men juuuusst one. U gon drop my son off n choke me in front of my kids? WOW tellin me how u grown. Smdh"

"Funny when ur ex says F**k u! Lol! No thanx ! Ive had better, thas y we is not together! Haha shiiii"

And for some good ones from a High-school classmate of mine:

"Dear Future Wife, 
For a moment this weekend I thought I Found You....but then the girl I thought was you in Starbucks smiled back had TWO Teeth Missing...Nope...wasn't you."

"Dad: why you make cooking videos? 
Me: because I want to open a restaurant one day
Dad: oh, then you need to get married
Me: Why? That has nothing to do with opening a restaurant
Dad: It will help you cut labor cost 
      My parents never stop try to teach me life lessons"

There you have it.  Now go out into the world feeling a whole lot better about yourself!


  1. These ALWAYS make me laugh! :)

  2. Holy smokes! I want to be their friends!
    That is cheap entertainment!

  3. Dear heavens. One day your Facebook posts are going to be proof of domestic violence for a case. Haha.

  4. Wow. These seem like the type of people I keep on my facebook just to watch the drama. A lot of fun, but it was get depressing rather quickly!
    thanks for sharing! That picture is hilarious!

  5. LOL. I love this. I have so many people on my Facebook like this too, the shame!!


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