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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Fun! 1

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week! 

This weekend Rams and I didn't do a whole lot of exciting stuff, but we did enjoy ourselves.

Friday was a tough day at work for this gal so we went out for dinner and drinks.  The drinks were fantastic as was the food!

We went to my favorite huge store I blogged about here and I got a picture of a prime example of what I hate.  Really people...3 in a row blocking the entire walking area.  MOVE!

Grizzly Bear had a nice weekend as well.  He got to destroy the graham cracker box into a thousand little little pieces.

I also did a little online wish shopping.  You know, the kind of shopping you do when you know you will never be able to get the stuff you are dreaming about.  This is what I found.

Well, not an exciting weekend on the home front, but a fun and relaxing one at that!

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  1. I hope this week is better for you at work. Love you!


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