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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Facebook - I need my sanity back 11


I have started to have a love/hate relationship with this site.  
Actually it is beginning to border on the hate side!

Lately it seems Facebook has become a place for
1.) people to show how, shall we say, dumb they are
2.)  people to post depressing pictures or videos of animals and random pictures that are a waste of my brain power and time
3.)  people to get attention for how great and/or terrible their lives are

I will be the first to admit that I am sure I am guilty of a few of these things.  
I have been a member of Facebook for the past 10 years, and I know I've done some stupid stuff!
If you are saying you haven't done any of these...let's get have!

 But here is the thing- it is just plain annoying!

First I want to address the 'gems' I find on Facebook.
I saw these posts the other day and sat in awe for a few minutes trying to figure out if this person was for real.

"hahaha so i don smoke no more so i don take smoke breaks at work i take breastmilk pumpin breaks! Anything for my lil muncher!"

"so i gotta be tha only bitch to fight a crackhead at ten am! Yesterday i was goin to tha doctor right! So a crackhead bitch runs in frot of my car so yall know me i had to yell out use tha crosswalk she proceeds to throw a soda in my car on my beautiful hair! So now im real pissed! I pulled over to let her know exactly how i felt! Well she had a crack bf with her so he said hey don fight but all the sudden his crack kicked in and held me up against tha wall of albertsons so she could scratch me n pull my hair out! So im pretty sure i connected one punch and most of my scratches are from the wall at albertsons! Hope this makes everyone laugh a lil have a great friday!"

She was for real!!    
Do you really want all of your 'friends' to read this? 

After seeing these incredibly idiotic intelligent posts I notice my next issue with Facebook;
depressing animal pictures. I already have a hard enough time seeing strays running around, I don't need to see pictures of it every day on my news feed.  (I will spare you the example pictures)
If I want to be depressed I'll go else where...please and thank you!

After the animal pictures I get stuck with the pictures people post and think they are funny.
Case in point the picture below...

Is it me, or is this not humorous and incredibly inappropriate?!

Finally I get to read the updates of everyone that hates and loves their lives.
I know your life is fabulous, I know your life sucks, I know you think you're Gods gift to the world, and I know you need to lose weight...
but do we really need to be reminded of this every blinkin' hour?!  

You can save the pictures of yourself in your swimsuit or the pictures of yourself being lonely for another time and place!

So there we have it loves.

 I realize that some of these opinions may be a bit harsh, and hopefully I haven't offended too many of you all...but after writing this post it makes me want to stray away from Facebook even more.

I think it may be best for my sanity!

*Public plea from my husband after proof reading this post for me; "stop posting pictures with sayings, pointless videos and anything not related to your personal life...thank you"
Until next time...


  1. I don't mind re-posting pictures of actual missing dogs, on the slight chance that a friend or friend of a friend might recognize them. But, like you said, the pictures that just tell us how kids are starving are unnecessary. People act like they are helping by sharing a picture on a website!

    I'm also sick of the vague status updates: "OMG I'm shocked at some people. Too much to write on FB.

    And the stupid inspirational quote pictures: "If you love your mom, share this in 5 seconds. If you hate her, ignore it."

    I seriously think that Facebook has messed up society...people are wanting every thought and event in their lives to have an audience.

  2. Facebook and other social media for that matter can for sure be frustrating! I don't know why some people feel the need to share drama and ridiculousness for the rest of the world. I have "unfriended" a lot of people because I got tired of some of the stuff they constantly posted about. We aren't in high school anymore, folks! Apparently some people haven't figured that out yet.

  3. Haha I love this post! All of that is so true. I try to stay away from facebook as much as possible too, but sometimes it's like a train wreck. You just can't look away!

  4. I'm pretty sure the only people using facebook anymore are our parents, people who are afraid they will die if they don't repost in 3 seconds, and whoever is posting all the stupid pictures of shoes.
    useless fact: I actually read an article not too long ago that said that people who use facebook have a higher likelihood of clinically depressed from seeing all of their friends so "happy" and "perfect"

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  6. I'm tired of Facebook and stupid post I actually unfriended some ppl

  7. I'm tired of Facebook and stupid post I actually unfriended some ppl

  8. I just laughed so hard at those people's statuses. I have gotten to where I hardly ever get on Facebook now, I used to all the time. I just feel like every time I would get on there people were either trying to make everyone jealous with how perfect their lives were or it was the opposite, they were whining and complaining. I like to keep up with my friends on there but that's about it.

  9. Augh, seriously! I've stopped reading through my facebook feed for this very reason! People are either depressed about life, being dumb, or being political. I don't want any of it! ;-)

  10. I could not agree with you more! Facebook is just an outlet for people to show off their bad grammar and air their dirty laundry. It used to be a positive thing, and now it's just pointless and negative.

    Your post made me laugh so much...and made me think about the things some of my friends post. I think it may be about time for Facebook deletion.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


  11. I am hardly ever on my personal facebook anymore for these exact's become too much!


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