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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've got friends... 4

Friends are hard to make when you are new to a place - A new school, new workplace, new town or a new state!  

Rams and I have lived in a lot of different places! 
 Every time we move we find it more challenging to meet people we enjoy being around.  When we finally do find that group we end up packing our bags.
Some of our good friend in Minneapolis (except the white guy on the right...I don't really know who he is)

For me this is incredibly difficult.  
I thrive on human interaction and don't feel completely normal without it.  
We have been in California for two years and have met a lot of people, but not many that we interact with regularly.  

Where do you meet quality people?  

We've met some amazing people on vacation, whom we still meet up with once a year....but they all live so darn far away!

Vacation Buddies!

Since living in SoCal we've made a few good friends.  
I have played around on, but am always too chicken to go to any of the events!  
At times I have met some random person and 'clicked' with them but what am I supposed to say..."Will you be my friend?"  Ummmm awkward!   

Where else is there? How do you meet good, normal people with similar values and interests?

This topic finally brings me to my blog. 
 In the little time I have been blogging and the few followers I have, I feel like I have finally  made some friends.  
 Let me give you an example. When I got laid off I received emails and comments fellow bloggers that were so supportive!  Monday, when I started me new job,  I got tweets telling me good luck and to have a good day! 
Other than my close friends, family and the "likes" on Facebook (which don't count) you all are the only  people that really acted like they gave a damn! 

It was so nice to have the support of people that I've never met, or even talked to other than through email, blogging and social media!  
It feels amazing to finally have a group of people who seem to care.

I want to thank all of you in this amazing blogging community who have made me feel welcome, special and cared about! 
 You all are fantastic and I can't wait to see what all of this will bring!


  1. It is so very hard to find friends as adults! And by friends, I mean quality people that you can trust and enjoy hanging out with for the sole purpose of hanging out and not because they can benefit from you in some way! I am always thankful for the blogging world!

  2. Doing a little blog hopping today. Found you via Ashley over at the Nelson Tales.

    We moved to SoCal about three years ago, and we STILL find it hard to meet (quality) people. It's a whole different world around these parts! We went to a few sand volleyball events through meetup. com, but it seemed kind of clique-y. Needless to say, we haven't done much with meetup since then.
    Like you, I made most of my friends when I started blogging (when we moved to the Land of the Fruits and Nuts)! Thank goodness for the bloggy world. :)

  3. Of course we care! :) The blog community is really great to have.

    I think that you will often meet good people in the most unexpected or random places. If you have time, you could see if any nearby colleges have adult education classes or seminars that interest you - at least you will meet someone who came with a similar interest in mind.

  4. First of all...I am loving your new design! It looks good, love the blue! Second of all...thank YOU for being such a good blogging friend to have! : )


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