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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I talk about my babies quite a bit on here so I thought I would go a bit farther into my eldest dog, Roscoe.  He's the adorable on in my button picture!

Meet Roscoe aka "shit head" or "dumb dumb"

Roscoe is a Puggle and he is SO cute, but SO annoying!  I love him and so does Rams, but I'm pretty sure we are the only ones who do. 

We got Roscoe as a puppy. 
I was working in a Vet Clinic and decided I needed a dog.  I wasn't sure what kind I wanted, so my coworkers said "Puggles are cute, get one of those"! 
Over lunch I got online to find some Puggles and found one.

The same day Rams and I headed to the breeder to meet the only puppy they had left.  He was so cute and cuddly...we fell in love with him.  
What we chose not to listen to at time was that he had been returned 3 times to the breeder before meeting us! RED FLAG?!  Apparently not!
An amount, that shall remain a secret, was given to the breeder and we headed home with our new dog!

Puppy Roscoe

We named our new addition Roscoe, after a town in Montana near my family's cabin.  It fit him perfectly.

Already destroying everything!

We didn't train him well, and admittedly most  some of his issues are our fault, but we LOVE him anyway!

-He loves his belly rubs.  Actually he is obsessed with belly rubs...see below!

-He doesn't listen to anyone
-He loves to cuddle - especially under blankets

-He runs away if you call him - it's a game
-He loves to hump his brother - pardon my bluntness - but it is true.  You will hear "Roscoe quit humping your brother" at least 20 times per night.
-He steels anything he can get his little stinky mouth on (socks, skivvies, shoes, paper, breast-pumps)

-He loves food
-He is stubborn
-He loves me!

My family often asks if I would ever get another Puggle...and as much as he drives me crazy, I would get another one in a heartbeat! 

He is my baby and I can't imagine my life without him!


  1. Yay, Roscoe!!! He and Gracie are destined to be married, I just know it! Puggles are stubborn? Really? LOL I wonder which side they get that from, the beagle or the pug...because they are certainly stubborn but sooo cute and sooo snuggly. It sure is hard to be mad at them for long!

  2. Male dogs often hump other males as a sign of dominance; it's pretty common. He looks so innocent in all of these pictures, I have trouble believing that he could do anything mischievous! ;)

  3. Love this post. We broke every single good habit our schnauzer had when we adopted him. Totally our fault now that he thinks he owns everything.

  4. He's so cute! I really want to get my new puppy soon...whenever I read posts about people and their dogs i get antsy



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