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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To move or not to move 0

Meet my sister, Julie!  She is the bees knees, the coolest, she is pretty darn awesome.

By trade Julie is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and has lived in a few different places since graduating from Vet School.  She has lived in CO, WA, MT and most recently New Zealand and the Cook Islands!

She has been over seas since October and is planning on coming back to the USA in June!!!

Here is the problem people...she doesn't know where she wants to be once coming back.  
WA is out of the picture because she needs more sun.  
While on Skype I proposed that she moves to SoCal for a bit.  
She wasn't too convinced so I told her I wild create a pros and cons list on ze blog.  

Julie, here is your list written to you!


1). Free house with your own room and bathroom and a place for her dog, Jerry!  You could have your own space for free - just cook some occasional delicious vegan food and give the boys some Vet attention.

2). California has everything you love!  We are an hour away from skiing and an hour away from surfing!  You being your nutty outdoor and fitness crazy self would fit in wonderfully.

3). We have sun 350 days a more gloomy Washington!
4). You would have your own private backyard oasis to use whenever you would like...perhaps after your runs, or after a hard day at work saving the lives of animals! (just imagine the oasis once completed)!

5). You have friends an hour away in San Diego!

6). There are vegan stores and restaurants everywhere.

7). You could learn Spanish really quickly!  You've always wanted to speak it fluently right?!

8). Your favorite younger sister and your favorite Sri Lankan brother-in-law would be your partners in crime!


1). You'd have to take some sort of test to practice here....but you're a genius so that is really not an issue

There you have it!

Jules, I think we have made up your mind for you.  Rams, Roscoe, Grizzly Bear  and I will have your room ready for you by June!

Who is with me? She may need some encouragement from all you wonderful people!

Until next time...

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