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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bursting my Bubble 7

Lately I've been excited that my blog followers have been increasing.  For some reason I keep waiting for the 100 follower mark.  After that is smooth sailing.  Yesterday I had 86...14 more to go!  

I was in my blog stats this morning and noticed something that deflated my bubble of happiness and hope...someone "unfollowed" me.  

I know what you are all thinking; who cares, it isn't that big of a deal, followers don't matter - it's the readers that matter.  And while I agree with this all of these statements, it still hurts a little bit to see your list of followers go down.

Why do people decide to unfollow your blog?  

I follow too many blogs, but I would never unfollow someone.  For starters, I wouldn't do this because I wouldn't want them to have the same reaction I did!  
What if I am interested in the post they did that day?  
What if I miss something amazing that they review or talk about?  
If I unfollow them I won't get the nice notification that they have a new post!

Have any of you ever "unfollowed" a blog?  If you have, what was your reason?  
I need some insight!

So now I have 85 followers and 15 more to go to 100!


  1. Aww yeah that's happened to me a couple of times. I just lie to myself and think they deleted their account :P I have unfollowed only one blog and that was because I wanted to know how to do it. I chose that one because I honestly didn't really like any of their posts. I like fashion but this was high fashion stuff that I had no use for. Their numbers were in the 1000+ so I doubt they noticed.

  2. I've unfollowed blogs before mainly because I was only following them for a giveaway and they weren't actually blogs I was interested in. I would prefer my reader to be filled with posts for blogs I actually interact with so I don't miss anything that they post. :)

  3. I have had someone unfollow me before and it hurt a little. I was like heyyyyy yesterday I had one more follower than today! I don't like rejection. At all. But then I was like well....I am thankful for the followers that I do have, and maybe that person deleted their account. (Things I tell myself to make me feel better.)

  4. don't let it get to you! blog for yourself and your readers, not just to get followers. personally, i would rather have 20 readers than 1,000 followers who don't read it. there are only so many hours in the day! chin up buttercup!

  5. I have had a few people unfollow me and I agree it can be a bit of a bummer...but then again I would rather have readers who really want to read my blog and get to know me. I unfollowed one blog once because the content was just getting too far from the things I like to read/align myself with. Don't be too sad!!!

  6. People put too much value on numbers. As long as someone leaves me meaningful comments (not just "cool blog, check out mine"), I don't care if Google says that they are technically "following" me or not. Some blogs have 1,000 followers but only get 20 comments per post.

    I do unfollow blogs. Sometimes people do change/go through phases and their blog becomes something that doesn't interest me anymore (i.e. people who start posting about pregnancy/babies and nothing else). I have a husband, dogs, a job, and other hobbies, so I don't want to feel obligated to follow and comment on several blogs that don't truly interest me.

  7. I have unfollowed several blogs back when I used to go through all of the blogs I followed to read their posts. I unfollowed them because I never read those certain blogs or I just followed them for a giveaway and I wanted my list to be organized. Now I don't unfollow anyone because I follow way too many blogs!


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