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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Alyssa 3

Tuesday is for tears and cheers.  I know, super corny, but so true!

Let me tell you about a girl named Alyssa.

Meet Alyssa!

Rams and I met Alyssa a few months after we moved to California.  We had taken the boys to the dog park and found a few adorable doodles wandering around.  I was playing with them when Alyssa came over.  

The doodles
Her sister, Brittney, was dog sitting the doodles and we all started chatting.  Awhile later I asked if they dog sat...they say yes...we exchange numbers and leave.
I know, this was a bit creepy, but they seemed nice, normal and loved dogs.

A few months down the road Rams and I are in Mexico and Brittney stayed at our place with the boys.  This went great!  However, the next time we went out of town Brittney wasn't available so she gave us Alyssa info!

Alyssa came over to officially meet us before our next trip.  It was supposed to be a short visit but ended up being much longer...I knew from this moment on that Alyssa was amazing.

She has watched the boys and our house countless times and through these times we have gotten to know one another. 
I have heard the story of her boyfriend Konrad, her family and her relationship with God.  She had become like a family member to us!  

She even has the key to our house and knows our alarm codes...can't get much more family than that!

Alyssa with the boys
From the first time I met her she had been in a long distance relationship with a boy named Konrad.  He is incredibly caring and a follower of God as she is.  I could tell by the way she talked about him that he was the real deal...that she loved him more than anything.

Konrad and Alyssa - too cute for words.  Kind of sickening actually :)  They will make adorable babies!

The bad thing is he lives a few plane rides away!  
Rams and I always joked that when he proposes he better move to California because we can't live without Alyssa!

On Sunday our fears thoughts were confirmed!  I was browsing Facebook when all of a sudden I saw Alyssa and Konrad's relationship as ENGAGED!  I squealed like the typical girl who adores the person that just got engaged and loves wedding!  After the initial excitement I cried...NOOOOO!

I am so incredibly happy for her!  Her and Konrad couldn't be a better match!


But this means that she will move.  

We are so sad that we're losing one of the greatest people we know in California.  I am already planning on how we can clone her...or make her visit CA all the time! 

The wedding date or  moving date hasn't been set.  Until then I will celebrate the news and mourn our loss!  

I can't begin to say how happy I am for Alyssa!  Congratulations my friend!


  1. Aw congratulations to your friend on her engagement!!

  2. How exciting and sad all at the same time! It is hard to find someone like that, I wish we had someone to come and watch Gracie and Mac for us! I hate having to board them.

  3. WOW, Joanna! You are too sweet. Please know these feelings are mutual! I love and appreciate you and your family! Thank you for your kind words :)


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