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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rules of Dressing for an Interview 3

My boss has been interviewing like crazy for a few open positions at our offices.  I sit directly in front of his office, so I have the pleasure of seeing what everyone decides to look like for an interview.

Yesterday after the 14th person walked by I realized that some people have no clue what is appropriate for a job interview.  

It amazes me what some think is ok to wear.  Let me break it down for you.

First of all it is not ok to wear printed and/or see-through legging with a short shirt to an interview.  I know, you may be itsy bitsy and can totally pull it off, or you think you still look good when you fill them out...but not now.  Save the leggings for the club and yoga...or actually never bringing them out again would be just fine with me!  

Next is the uber tight and extremely short party dress.  What makes you think this is ok?  Did your mom/dad, husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend or friend tell you it is great to wear when attempting to get a job?  If they did, you both need to go to the doctor because something is wrong with you!  This is not ok.  You are not going to meet a pimp or the owner of a strip joint!  Being a little conservative isn't going to hurt you, actually it will most likely help you in this situation!

Finally jeans.  While I love jeans and wish I could wear jeans - this is another interview don't!  If you pair heels with it, it is a bit more acceptable, but not for an interview.  What impression are you trying to give?  Apparently the impression of not wanting a real job because you sure don't look like you want one!

Now on to what is appropriate for an interview.  It isn't that hard people!  Professional, presentable, classy are all good words to think when dressing for an interview.  You want to impress them with you..not your boobs, butt or any other part of you that you think they will 'appreciate'!  

Good luck with those interviews...if you are wearing any of the first three items you'll need it!


  1. Dear goodness...I remember when I worked at my last job and we were interviewing there were some people that were just a straight up hot mess! Apparently that is part of the weeding out process that is pretty simple, if you can't look professional to get the certainly won't look professional if you do get it!

  2. Hahah I love this. I watched our work interview people last year for a position (and you know where I work) and you would be AMAZED at what the people were wearing!

  3. I know we shouldn't judge people by appearance, but then again, how you choose to look for an interview says a lot about you!

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