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Monday, May 20, 2013

Dirt and Holes! 2

Well, as usual Rams and I did nothing exciting this weekend.  In lieu of a weekend shenanigans update I'll update you on the pool project!

So far all the excavation  re-bar, plumbing and electrical are all complete.  We had an inspector come last Thursday and said everything looked great...but he didn't like something with the spa wall.  
So instead of going to the next stage of the project last week, we have to wait another week for the issue to be fixed!  So for now we have a gigantic hole, trenches and everything else scattered in the backyard!

I never realized how many pipes and lines and holes are involved with building a pool! 

Other than the pool fiscal we were home most of the weekend.  Roscoe decided it would be a good idea to lay in the dirt and I decided it was a bath day :)  

And for good measure I have a ridiculously adorable picture of Grizzly Bear from yesterday to add to the bunch!


  1. Hehe dogs are silly!
    I'm ready to come swim in your pool! :)

  2. When is my pool going to be ready?!?! Roscoe and Gracie could have a fun time finding random places to hang out together! I want to come snuggle with Grizzly, he looks way comfy!


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