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Thursday, May 2, 2013

You wouldn't understand! 3

My new job is great.  Has it's moments, but for the most part I really enjoy it.

I am finally not the youngest person at my job.   All other places I have worked I've been one of the youngest, if not youngest, person working at the place.

It always drove me crazy when people would say "oh you wouldn't understand, you're too young".  I promised I would never say this.

I work with two people that are just around the ripe age of 21!
Well my friends, I said it - twice in the same day even!!

The first situation is this:
N and I were heading to grab lunch and a Darius Rucker song started blasting on the radio.  Now, I like Darius Rucker the country singer, but I loved Darius Rucker as one of the Blowfish!  I mentioned something about Hootie and the Blowfish and she didn't even know the name...or any of the songs.  I had to give her a lesson that Mr. Rucker wasn't country all along, there was a time before his cowboy days!  
And then I said something along the lines of
 "you are so young, I can't believe you don't know need to YouTube them!"

Well N - I know you read my bloggidy blog, so here are Hootie and the Blowfish!

The second situation is this similar but with a another singing group from my youth. 
I started singing "I Saw the Sign" at my desk the same day.  
N asked, "what song is that".  
I said, "um..Ace of Base!".  
She gave me a funny look and said "huh?".  
I said "WHAT!?"
And then I said the dreaded words
 "you're too young to know them"!  

So I said one of biggest pet peeves to poor N twice in the same day!  How did it come to this?  
I never realized the pop culture differences between age ranges, and N and I are only 8 years apart!

I suppose I'll have to forgive those who used that line on me, sometimes you just can't help but say it.  

I know now that I will definitely have to educate her on the most amazing things she doesn't remember...not tell her how young she is!
I think I'll start with the boom box...


  1. Haha love this!! :) I get the "oh that's before your time" a lot. Lol

  2. I feel like lately ive been saying that to a lot of people...smh. But really some great stuff came out of our childhood and when they dont know about it, its heartbreaking!


  3. I love both of these songs and just jammed out to The Sign. Thanks! : ) These were a little before my time but thankfully my parents knew good music!


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