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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The key to dressing for your "girls" 11

The other day I ventured into target to look for a Maxi dress.  For the past 3 years I have been on a hunt to find the PERFECT dress.  Usually they are too short, have spaghetti straps, are halter tops...the list can go on and on.  So I saw this dress (see below) at Target and thought it would be perfect.

I was wrong and I should have known.  This got me thinking...I need to write a blog post about what NOT to wear for certain body types.

The type of body I am talking about is one with LARGE girls, boobs, tatas, twins...whatever your word may be I've got a major do's and a few don'ts  for the world of finding the right clothes!

3 mistakes women make for a large chest

1.)  High Neck Line: The above dress was a huge mistake.  Not only does it have horizontal stripes, but the neck is high.  For those of you who are lucky enough not to have large boobs let me tell you what this means.  Usually the higher the neck,  the more pronounced your chest will look. I almost took a picture of myself in this dress to show all of you how horrific it really was!

2.)  Thin Straps:   Most people with large chests need support...which means you HAVE to wear a bra in order to not look like you could throw those puppies around your neck and tie them in a bow.  Usually with a thin strap tank top you can't wear your most supportive bra and you may end up looking like Kim!  Who wants saggy boobs?!  Not me!

3.)  Never go without your bra.  I don't think I should have to explain this one, but sometimes I think I should.  If you are bra-less and your chest isn't perky, think twice!  Nobody wants to see it!

Best thing to do for a large chest

1.) Buy a good bra!  Go someplace that really knows what they are doing and get fitted!  It is amazing what a few band sizes up or down and a few cups sizes can really make a difference in how your girls look!  Don't hesitate to buy a minimizer - I promise they won't make you look like you have a uni-boob  but will just control those things.  

This image from is perfect for a quick reference for all you bra novices!

There you have it, my rules for those with cursed  blessed with a large chest!


  1. I'm lucky I don't have big tatas! I have enough trouble finding clothes that I like.

  2. A good bra will be your best friend! I have the same problem with being top heavy. Some things just don't look right!

  3. I hate dressing for my girls, but I definitely don't wanna look like that chicka in the passenger seat up there!

  4. I am well endowed, and agree with all your points. ESPECIALLY wearing a bra. It's so gross to see someone without one...eeek!

  5. I wasn't blessed with big "girls" but I can definitely still appreciate a good fitting bra. So important!

  6. You are all tripping. Kim and especially the girl in the blue look amazing. This sounds more like a post of a boob-lacking woman with boob-envy. You're trying very hard to convince women with a large bust that they should keep their girls out of sight as much as possible. The reality is most men prefer women with curves, but the women with curves have all become self-conscious about their curves because of people like you.

  7. Are you dressing for yourself or those who look at you? You can have natural curves or look like a Barbi Doll, all solid and fake.
    Your call. And I think the girl above looks fine.

  8. Guys actually really like that girl in the strapless top and Kim... they post her all the time on fb... It's only judgemental females who think her boob's are gross because they are jealous... And frankly I wouldn't care for jealous ladies... Let them be jealous

  9. who is the girl in blue

  10. who is the girl in blue


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