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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Things First 1

Good morning!

I am linking up today with the "First things First" party.  I love these type of getting to know you questions, and since I am so new to the blogging world I thought this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this blog land get together.  So here we go....

First thing I do at the gym:

Well - if I went to the gym on a regular basis  ever this would be so much easier to answer. When I do workout, I do it at home, usually on a treadmill or join in the p90x videos with the husband!  Based on this I usually stretch, jump up and down, look like an idiot and hate every part of it!

First Date with my Significant Other:

My husband and I dated for 2 years before we had our official first the pressure was on for him to make it a memorable one.  Our first date was in NYC!  I was a music major at the time, so he planned our night after music; we went to the New York Philharmonic!  He had the whole night was planned out. We would get on the Ferry and go into Manhattan,   then have dinner at a nice asian restaurant, go to the concert and  finish the night off with a drink at a fancy pants NYC bar. didn't work out that way.  

We did get on the Ferry and made it to Manhattan...but we took the wrong train to get to the restaurant.   After the wrong train incident we thought we would be smart and get a cab to drive us there.  With our BAD luck, we got one of the only Cabbies in NYC that had NO CLUE where anything was.  He dropped us of about 10 blocks from where we were supposed to be eating in 10 minutes.   So we start booking it towards the restaurant when it begins pouring down rain.  

I am not exaggerating...this was the kind of rain where you get soaked in a matter of seconds.  I was in my nice black strapless dress and heals, he was in a suit and we both looked like wet messes.  

We didn't make it to the restaurant, so we decided to just head to the MET so we didn't miss the concert.  We walked into the MET wet and probably stinky to all the nicely dressed "cultured" folks that were waiting to be seated.  We went to the "cafe" in the lobby stood up and split a turkey sandwich and some chips for our romantic dinner.

After the concert on our first date.

At least we made the concert and it was unforgettable - wet, cold and uncomfortable ..but unforgettable!  

First email address:

I am pretty sure I had an AOL address based on my first dog Sortie...but I don't remember.  The first address I do recall was - not creative or not exciting, but it got the job done!  I wish I could get back into that account and see the emails I sent out at 12 years old.  I'm sure they would be mind blowing and full of all the wisdom in the world!

I linked up today with Halie over at Penguins, Pasta and Polk a Dots.  She just got engaged so go give her some congratulations and love!

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  1. Holy moly that first date story is out of control! But you're right - at least it definitely was unforgettable! So crazy :) And so glad you joined up with me today!!


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