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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pre-planned adventures of Elle and JayBird 3

 I found out this weekend that one one my good friends, and fellow blogger, Lindsey is coming to visit me in April!  

Meet Lindsey aka ELLE

This will be the second friend that had ventured to SoCal since Rams and I moved down here!  I am so excited I decided to plan out our adventures is our itinerary!

Day 1: 
 First thing first, drive back to our place drop off luggage and take some super classy mimosa jello shots to start the weekend off right! 

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 Yep, that it how we roll in this house!  

Stop number one will be Hollywood of course! We'll fall into the tourist trap known as Hollywood and Vine where we will see all the stars, foot prints and more!  
We have to find good ole' MJ's star, kneel down next to it and take thousands of dorky pictures.

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After we have had our fill of the craziness known as 'the walk of fame' we will head over to Villa Blanca for some lunch!  

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Yes, we are going to fall into the RHOBH tourist trap and hopefully see Lisa Vanderpump!  And don't you worry...we will be channeling the Paps and have our cameras ready for that prime shot!

Day 2
 Beach day!  I will take Lindsey to the beach of her choice for some California sun....maybe we will even play some Katy Perry, California Girls, while driving there!   
I personally LOVE Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach - so I will attempt to sway her vote that way.

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For those of you who don't know, the SoCal beaches are are long and wide and quite beautiful.  The only downside is that the water if FREEZING, so I doubt there will be much swimming for us!

Day 3: 
 Rodeo Drive!  We will walk Rodeo Drive like we own the place, when in all reality we may be able to own about $30.00 of the place...which is the price of parking anywhere near the shops!  We will check out all the fancy pants stores, take pictures with the Bugatti that never moves, and hopefully see some celebrities out spending there hard earned cash!   

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photo source

After spending our retirement money on Rodeo we will head for some more celebrity hunting at "The Ivy" doesn't look like anything exciting and I'm pretty sure it isn't, but this is where the stars go to be seen!

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Day 4:
  Hike at Runyon Canyon and the Hollywood Sign.  Runyon  Runyon is very much a trendy LA hiking area. It is always crowded with runners, walkers, and tons of dogs, this place is THE place to be seen in your hiking shoes.  I've never ventured here, so hopefully it will be worth the drive!
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So there you have it - this is what will go down when we take on Los Angeles!  Is it April yet?


  1. yes!!!!!!!!!! so excited already I can barely even handle I have to start figuring out what I am going to wear. and I will probably need a new pair of kicks! and a new swimmin suit.

    1. Lindsey - we can buy you a new pair of kicks on about some Luis Vuittons?

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I am jealous that you live in such a cool area. Can't wait for the pictures in April! : )


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