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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My life working in the Ghetto 5

I work in the ghetto - not gun shots and drive by ghetto - but ghetto!  This is not an exaggeration, let me assure you.  I don't tell people where I work because if I did they would look at me like I'm a crazy person.  

I work on Holt and Garey.  My office building is unmarked and locked due to the nature of our work.  My office building is next to a pay by the hour motel.  My office building is located on a street known for its 'ladies of the night'!

Here are just a few of the things experienced while working on Holt and Garey:

  • A homeless man named Ruben used to sweep our sidewalk for leftover food. 
  •  I have a friendly relationship with 2 of the prosititues and 1 of the homeless men that are in front of our door every morning.  They often ask me for money or booze while telling me about their nights.  
  • A pimp used to park his van in our parking lot with his ladies making some money in the back seat.  
  • I can't tell you number of times I've been walking to the doors and have seen someone peeing on our windows...they just smile at me when I notice and go about their business.
  • We have someone living in the bushes next to our building.  You never know what smell, food items, or containers will be waiting there when you walk by.
  •  I've walked across the street a few times to get something to drink and have witnessed illicit drug use
  •  Almost weekly there is some sort of gang or drug problem within a few blocks of us. This means the news and police helicopters circle constantly and there are sirens of the cops driving by every few minutes!

Welcome to my life working in the ghetto!

While writing this entire blog I kept singing to myself "In the Ghetto"  if you do this, it may make it more exciting!


  1. I'm from the ghetto, homie.
    I was raised on bread and bologna!!
    Haha but seriously this sounds pretty scary! You're far more tough than I am for sticking it out around there! You go girl :)

  2. this sounds like where i went to high school! haha good times. i'm so glad you stopped by my blog! :)


  3. Remind me to say hi NO when u ask if I want to visit your POE while I am in Cali!

  4. That sounds like where I used to work, although one of the girls in my office got threatened by a guy with a knife! After that we pulled down the metal shutter as well as locking the door!


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