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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans 2

Happy monday all!

Well it is time for my weekend update.  I was telling Rams on Mondays most people in the blogging world updates their readers on their exciting weekends.  I had to laugh, because our weekends are NOT exciting - like ever!

This weekend was full of computer time for me.  I found out on Friday that the non-profit that I work for is, shall we say, sinking...and fast!  So my exciting weekend basically consisted of applying for as many jobs as possible.  I've been sitting in the big comfy chair and submitting application after application almost all weekend.  Exciting right?

I did take a break on Saturday, when Rams and I went out for burgers and a beer at one of our favorite burger joints.  It's got a great patio to take advantage of when the weather is as wonderful as it was this weekend!  For all of you readers in the cold climate - it was 80 degrees on Saturday.  Here are a few pictures of lunch time!

After lunch we came home for more job application time!

Saturday night we watched the WORSE movie ever.  It was called "Cold Light of Day".  If you are ever compelled to watch this, please think twice!  It was AWFUL!

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After this...there was some more applying for jobs...and the same happened Sunday!  I added a couple pictures of what my dogs did while I was applying for jobs.

oh yes...I'm dog sitting for a night as well.  Meet Dior.

Well folks, I hate to be such a bore...but this is the reality of my weekend, dull and boring!

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