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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fab 5 7

Happy Friday everyone!

I have teamed up with my friend Lindsey over at Life on Countryside to bring you all a new link party and blog hop!  Make sure you go check her Friday's Fab 5 post as well!

Every Friday we will post our "Friday's Fab 5".   This can be anything you are loving at this particular time!  Join us and share what you think is Fab!


Here is how it works:
- Grab the button
- Post about your Fab 5 things
- Give us (JayBird's Flight and Life on Contryside) some lovin'
- Link-up on Friday
- Click around and meet new friends!

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Here are my Friday's Fab 5!

1.)  Beaujolais wine! My cousin-ish person has her degree in Oenology (the study of wine).  She spent a lot of time in France, Spain and other countries making and learning about wine.  She introduced me to this a few years ago.  She said it is a non-expensive and great tasting wine.  Ever since then, this has been my absolute favorite.  Not too dry, not too sweet, not too bold...basically it is pretty perfect!  My favorite vintage so far is anything older than 2008!

2.)  Dior Lip Glow:  This stuff is the bees knees!  I HATE lipstick, dislike lip balmsand I'm not a fan of lip gloss.  This stuff is goes on nude and uses it's amazing brain to figure out the color of our lips and enhance that color in 3 minutes!  It is hydrating, goes on really easily and doesn't take like junk!  

photo source

3.)  Mio Liquid Water Enhancer:  I hate strongly dislike drinking water!  The only time I drink water is when I am forced to because there is no coffee, tea or wine left for me to drink.  However, in my quest for being a bit more healthy I decided to drink more water.  This stuff helps!  All you do it squirt some into your water and you have a deliciously flavored drink for your enjoyment!

photo source

4.)  The Bachelor: I will admit to anyone that I love any type of reality show!  This week I'm loving The Bachelor.  I can't wait for next weeks episodes!

photo source
5.)  My Love bugs, Grizzly Bear and Roscoe:   My hubby travels quite often with his amazing job, so I get to fend for myself a lot with my pups!  They take Ram's place when he is gone - they sleep with me, cuddle, give me kisses, wait for me to feed them...everything my hubby does!

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  1. You actually like the Mio stuff? I remember seeing the commercials and being like how does is this haha.

    And umm the bachelor? I'm obsessed. I've seen all 25 seasons...every episode. Good lord that's way too much of my life.

  2. Oooooh I'm very excited about this wine. Now I just need to track it down

  3. man if I had known that you could major in wine, my degree would be totally different! That's about the only thing that could convince me to go back to school! lol Happy Friday!

  4. I'm so glad you said you liked that Dior lip stuff...I saw it on the Small Things Blog and wanted to try it too! I may have to bite the bullet and buy some. And yes, The Bachelor is WAY addicting. Nothing is better than wine, The Bachelor, and scrolling through Twitter reading everyone's live tweets. Makes Monday that much more manageable!

  5. how cool to be a wine expert!! and love that lip stuff! and the bachelor OF COURSE!

  6. Love number 1&2!

  7. This is a fun link up idea! That Dior lip glow looks so pretty. You made me want to try it! And I LOVE the Bachelor too, I always get so excited about it on Mondays! I hope you are having a great weekend!


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