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Friday, February 8, 2013

JayBird - getting to know her 1

Hello all of you in the land of blogging!  This is my first post of many to come.  When you visit my blog you will get a little bit of everything from the dysfunction of my life, pop culture, much more. 

So let me introduce myself!  I got this fact idea from my fellow bloggin' friend over at - so let me tell you some facts.

Fact:  My name is not JayBird - it is Joanna.  I have many nicknames; Jo, JoJo, Janna, JJ, and JayBird to name a few.  I actually dislike most of these nicknames, but thanks to my parents (whom I love dearly) they cursed me to have the nicknames of boys!  Thank Mom and Dad!

Fact:  I have lived in many places and moved too much.  I was born and raised in the place most important to me, Montana!  Lived in Florida for a bit fulfilling my dream of working at SeaWorld.  Then I met a boy (we'll talk about him later) and moved to the good ole' Midwest,  Minnesota.  Four years later here I am in Sunny Southern California...Hollywood...the South Land...or just the boring suburb your zip code is listed under.

Fact:  I am 28.  I'll be 29 in May, but I feel more like I'm 32.

Fact:  I have been married to my amazing best friend for 6 years!  Yes, 6...I know you're doing the math...we got married when I was 22.  His name is Ramesh and he is from Sri Lanka.  I have known him for 10 years and have never been able to say his name correctly, so for all intensive purposes I call him Rams.  Here we are:

Fact:  Rams and I have no human children, only the furry kind.  Two dogs that rule the roost that we cater to hand and foot.  Roscoe is a Puggle and Grizzly Bear is our Mastiff.  I am a little obsessed with them...
Fact:  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I have dabbled in a bit of everything and have yet to find my niche - but I'm okay with that.

Fact:  I love reality TV - The Bachelor, Real Housewives, Dance Moms, Amazing race, Say Yes to the Dress......!  They get me all giddy with excitement, at times I think I'm living vicariously through all of these shows.

Fact:  I am mildly obsessed with Carrie Underwood.  In my head we are best friends, and I really think it could happen.  Maybe the day I break into Nashville my dreams will come true!

Fact: I seem to attract dysfunction wherever I go.  All places I have been employed are nutty, my friends are a bit off (though I love them anyway).  I could have many posts relating to the things I've seen and heard.

Fact:  Rams and I recently bought a home in Southern California and are in the process of finding someone to build a pool - hopefully we will not kill each other by the time it is over.

Fact:  I absolutely adore and love my family.  They mean more to me than anything else in the world.  If I could spend all my time with them I would.

Fact:  All of my besties live at least 1000 miles from me :( 

Lindsey and Lera
they both live in Minneapolis!

Fact:  I work for a non-profit by day, and an AMAZING skin care company the rest of the time.  Someday I'll work from home making everyone's skin perfect!

Fact:  I am addicted to  It has become a problem that I can't stop.  I spend at least 1 hour a day on their website deciding what I can't live without!  I have yet to convince Rams that the only way to solve my addiction is to keep buying new items.  Someday...........

Well folks, hopefully this gave you a bit on insight into my life....from the Mountains, Midwest to Hollywood.

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  1. I loveeee Carrie Underwood!!! Obviously I'm stalking your blog right now lol


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