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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun filled Friday - Preview 4

Guess what I get to do tomorrow?

I get to experience my first Colonoscopy

I'm not going to get into the disgusting details...but my family has a long history of colon cancer and I'm having some of those fun symptoms.  Lucky me right?!

At 28 (a good 22 years early) I get to have a Colonoscopy and I am NOT looking forward to it.

Starting today I get to have a clear food diet!  I can have chicken broth, black coffee, jello (not red), catch my drift right?  
And at 4:30 tonight I get to start drinking a fantastic white chalky liquid for my "colon prep"!  This is what I read in regards to the prep on WebMd - "If you need to drink a special solution as part of your prep, be sure to have clear fruit juices or soft drinks to drink after the prep because the solution tastes salty."  

Salty!  Sounds pleasant right?   Um...hell no!

Friday morning Rams gets to take me to the hospital for the actual procedure.   What they do is stick a whole bunch of air into your insides and bloat you up so they can take a look around and see if I've got some cancerous spots or not.  
Apparently I'm going to be knocked out for the entire time which is perfect for me. 

 Do I really want to be awake for this crap (no pun intended)?

From what the Doc said the rest of the day I'll feel like poo (again with the puns).    For the next 12 hours I shouldn't operate heavy machinery and I get to be bloated and groggy.  This gives me a great excuse to catch up on all of my TV shows I have sitting in my DVR! 
Bring it on Colonoscopy!

On another note  and a friendly reminder... Lindsey and I are coming together for our "Friday's Fab 5" link up and blog hop.  Join us for the fun tomorrow and tell us about what you are LOVING this week!

See you all tomorrow for our link-up and blog hop!


  1. Colonoscopies are the worst! Don't mean to scare ya even more, but they're certainly not a walk in the park. I have an autoimmune disorder that affects my stomach, in addition to IBS, so I've actually had 2 colonoscopies in my life - when I was 13 and 14!! Talk about nightmares. But it's over quickly and you'll be sleeping it off in no time, promise :)

  2. Oh no!!! Good luck...I hope it isn't too horrific! You'll do great I bet :)

  3. Hate that you have to have this done. Hope it goes better than you expect! Enjoy your down time the best that you can :)

  4. I hate to admit this, but I'm laughing. And pretty hard. This post was funnnnnyy! All giggles aside, I hope this all goes smoothly and you get to soak up all of the TV your little heart desires afterwards! Good luck sweet girl!


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