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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lessons Learned 4

I want to apologize for another two day blogging hiatus!  Now that I have a normal schedule once again I will hopefully get back to a normal posting schedule!

Now onto more important issues!

  I learned two lessons this weekend.  The first is something I should have known and the second is one I thought I learned back in my college days!

Rams and I had a some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.  It was the first time they had been to our house so we wanted to make the dinner exciting with some delicious drinks and a new fancy pants meal!  Here is where we went wrong...

1.) Don't make an experimental meal for the first time for guests!  Rams is quite the foodie so he wanted to try a new recipe that sounded really good.  Is was basically a pork loin marinated for a bit and then you wrap it in pork belly and roast it! Along with the pork I made a parsnip purée and some steamed veggies....sounds good right?  No!  The pork was salty, under-cooked and not very good.  The parsnips were weird tasting.  The veggies were fantastic, thank you Birds Eye Steam Fresh! The poor guests...they pretend they liked it, but I am fairly certain that they didn't....I don't even think my dogs would have eaten it!

2.) Vodka is NOT my friend!  I don't know why I didn't remember this, or think before deciding to drink a few Moscow Mules and more than a few shots in the course of the night!  The outcome was not pretty and I won't divulge in the details which you all don't want to me!  Because of this extremely poor decision all I did on Sunday was sit on my bum, drink a lot of lemon water and watch the first season of Homeland with my husband and dogs while trying my hardest not to move too fast! time I get offered Vodka I hope I say no!

Moscow Mules!
Roscoe cuddling with me trying to cure my hangover!

 So there you have it, the things I learned this weekend that I will never learn again!  


  1. Awe, little Roscoe wanted to make you feel better. I reminded myself last year why I don't "drink" anymore, so I feel ya!

  2. I am sorry that your roast didn't go over so well :/

    Your puppy is precious!

  3. Veggie steamer bags are a regular side dish in our house. It's easy to just pop them in the microwave when you are almost done with the rest of the cooking.

    Sorry about your roast. Some meat dishes are so complicated. I rarely cook any meat other than bacon and chicken.

  4. Even though the roast didn't go as planned and the vodka flowed a little too freely, it was still such a good time. And honestly, the pieces I had of the roast tasted good! The Moscow mules were soooo yummy, too. And that rum cake? OMG. I look forward to hanging with you guys again (if we're allowed back...haha).


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