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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Girl Crushes 2

There have been a lot of people blogging about their blog crushes lately.  Since I am really new to this blog world, I decided to do a little crush writing of my own.  Now, I'm not talking about my blog crushes, I'm talking about the celebrity girl crushes I have going on!

I have a few girl crushes that I would like to discuss. Rams thinks it is a little strange that I love these people so much.  Maybe I need to be a guest on "My Strange Addiction" - celebrity girl crush version!

Carrie Underwood
 She is my BFF and I LOVE her.   She loves dogs as much as I do, she loves country music (obviously), she is vegan (I dabbled in that world back in the dizzle),  and she is a known Christian!
I envy her voice and her legs.  I mean have you seen those things?!  I don't really think that they are real!  Oh yes...and she wears booty shorts under all of her dresses so she doesn't pull a LiLo!  That country girls got some class ya'll!

Hayen Paineteirre
  My crush on her just started when the show Nashville started.  I have no other reason for really liking her other than the fact that she is on my new favorite show!  I never knew she could sing and act.  She is tiny and adorable (all the things I never will be, especially the tiny part)!

Kate Middleton
 The Dutchess of Cambriage, Princess Katherine,  the pregnant princess! 
I have always had my little day dream about meeting Prince William, falling in love, having a forbidden and secret romance...until I realized that was IMPOSSIBLE. 
So now I live vicariously through Kate.  I hate her and love her all at the same time because she is so darn likeable! Damn you Kate Middleton!

Selena Gomez
  I have to admit something, I watched the Disney Channel up until about 5 years ago. 
 Yes folks, that means I watched all the Disney shows geared towards preteens until the ripe old age of 23! 
This is where I discovered my girl Selena!  She is gorgeious and talented - she has the whole package.  And now that she isn't dating the Beibs any longer I like her even more! I can't wait for her new movie to come out so I have even more reasons to love her! 

 Zoe Dashenell
 I could go on and on about this girl.  She is cute, funny and quirky.  I DVR New Girl weekly and read her blog religiously.  Rams said my antics occassionaly remind him of of the best compliments he gives me!  Zoe seems like the type of person that would be friends with anyone and everyone and I love that!

There you have it folks, a few of my favorite celebrity girls!  Even though it may seem like I have a little unhealthy obsession with a few of these...I assure you...I do not stalk!
Who are your favorites?


  1. Great list of ladies! Carrie is definitely one of my girl crushes too!

  2. I love this! Garrett thinks I am so weird because I have such a girl crush on Taylor Swift. Boys just don't get it!


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