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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Got a Secret! 3

I have a secret to share that I have just discovered and it is called Urban Home!

This store just opened next to Mecca (Anthropologie) at the outdoor mall near my house.  I decided to head in there this past weekend to browse to see what I couldn't live without.  

Let me tell you...pretty much everything in this store is amazing.  It is really similar to Pottery Barn, but almost half the price!  For anyone looking to decorate their apartment/house/living space you MUST check this place out.  
Buddha head - $19.99!
"Spiritual Inspiration" $129.00
Bordeaux Clock $19.99
"Chalk Castle" $99.00
Robins Nest Cabinet $999
Zoe Cabinet in Aquamarine $899
Orbit Lounge with Canopy $899
Venetian Cabinet $399

 Those of some of the things that Rams and I discovered that we absolutely loved.  Here is the website Urban Home.  There is way more stuff in the store than they show online, but all the things are pretty great!

Has anyone else discovered this place and love it as much as I do?

I can't wait to share my next discovery.  Have fun shopping and dreaming everyone! 


  1. Oh my I need all of this..

    Primarily the two bookcases/cabinets with blue backgrounds and the little lounge things.

    Too bad I'm poor...


  2. Oooh I hope they open one of these in Denver!

  3. I've never heard of them before your post and now I must. find. a. location. near. me! Thanks for sharing!


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