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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throw Back Thursday time again!  This week I am again going to throw it back to another previous gem of an employer...I attract dysfunction as you will soon notice.

I worked for almost two years at a global outsourcing firm that mostly worked as a collections agency.  While I was never a collector, I did get the privilege of managing some of them!  

Let me throw you back to some of the things I read and heard  working for this company.

"Please remind your employees not to flush their bras and underpants down the toilets"
 -  building management 

"Please tell your employees that we will get rid of the paper towels if they continue to stuff them in the toilets" 
- building management

"Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality insurance purposes"
 - collector

"Why can't I wear leggings and a halter top?  They wear this stuff in LA!"  
- collector in MN when it was -10 degrees outside

Conversation between a collector and a debtor (this is more of a summary of the best parts) The collector was collecting money from an overdue student loan.

Collector:  "You owe $$ on this bill, how much would you like to pay today"
Debtor:      "I don't have any money to pay"
Collector:  "Why don't you use that degree you're not paying for and go get your ghetto a$$  a job at McDonald's then!"
Debtor:      "you asshole" - Hangs up -
            -one minute later the collector calls back-
Debtor:     "I just hung up on you leave me alone, don't call again". - Hangs up
                                                  -1 minute later Collector calls back-
Debtor:      "$&^$#%#^^"
Collector:  "can I get a small cheeseburger and fries from your ghetto a$$"
 The next day he was terminated

There you have it, just some of the wonderful and ridiculous things I encountered on a daily basis working for an interesting place!  
Hope you enjoy your "Throw Back Thursday"


  1. Haha! I worked in a restaurant where I found underwear in the women's bathroom twice.

    That collector who talked about McDonald's kind of had a point - the person should just go get any job (I am working retail again now) - but they were out of line.

  2. omg I can't believe that one collector!! that is crazy!
    Helene in Between

  3. It's surprising how grown people can act in an office bathroom. We used to have notes for people to pick up after themselves because there would be toilet paper and paper towels everywhere.

    Thanks for linking up again!

  4. Holy fucking shit, excuse my french ahaha. Hilariously wild!


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