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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My name is Joanna and I'm an addict... 6

I have a confession.  

I am addicted to Anthropologie. It is beginning to become a problem.  Not necessarily a financial problem, but more of a time and dream consuming problem addiction.

I went to Mecca - aka Anthro - this weekend and spent almost 4 hours there.  Yes, 4 hours in this store!  This is surprising for two reasons.  

1 - I HATE shopping...seriously HATE.  I avoid malls, shopping centers, anything shopping related at all costs!  
2 - I try not to step into this store because I could drop all of Ram's and my savings in one stop!

I normally try to put up my horse blinders until I get to the sale room.  The problem with this weekend, was there was about 50 items in the sale room and they all were XS!  
For those of you who picture me as a tiny little polish girl, I'm not.  An XS would fit my left boob!

So with nothing in the sale room, I ventured out to the good stuff.  Here are a few things I found and basically decided I couldn't live without:  All photos from

I tried on over 20 things and wanted all of them!  Just these 9 items would have cost me a mere $995.00!  

$995? In some alternate reality, maybe this would be pocket change!  I don't live in that place.  So I strolled out of my favorite store......with NOTHING!  

Maybe I'm not an addict if I can walk out with nothing, but I sure feel like I am (I may or may not have  spent 2 hours at work looking at the website).  


  1. I feel your pain. MY pocketbook cringes every time I walk past that store! I have had to forbid myself!

  2. That pink dress is adorable! You need to go back & snap that up!

  3. You could've just bought one or two things!! I love that pink dress. Go back and get it!!!

  4. Oh, I hear you! There stuff is beautiful, but the prices can be cringe-worthy. :)

  5. Well I cant blame you , they have gorgeous clothes !

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  6. Stupid Anthropologie and their stupid prices! I love their stuff too so much but it's ridiculously priced unless you find it on sale. And, of course, I always like the stuff not on sale! I loved your comment about an XS fitting your left boob, same here lol.


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